Tategami Li-Oh
Tategami Li-Oh
Origin Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (2012)
Alias LT-06
Type Robot
Role Summon
Home World Earth
Family Dr. Saburo Hazuki (Creator, has a copy of his mind functioning as Li-Oh's A.I.)
Weapon Lioncer
Status Alive
English Voice Ichiro Mizuki
LT-06 / Tategami Li-Oh is a giant robot of the Go-Busters, which also transforms into a Lion and a tricycle.


  • Go-Buster Li-Oh- Li-Oh's combination with GT-02 and RH-03
  • Great Go-Buster Li-Oh- Li-Oh's combination with GT-02, RH-03, BC-04, and SJ-05.

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