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Origin Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Type Pure Darkness
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Subspace Emissary
Weapon Magic
Attribute Dark
Status Alive

Tabuu is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening and is originally from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.



Kingdom Hearts: Awakening


Tabuu is an embodiement of darkness. He has the form of a normal human, but has endless nothing swirling around his body, almost looking like water.


Tabuu is an embodiement of darkness, and as such, enjoys pain and suffering in others. His main goal is to rule the universe and make all the people of it suffer.

Powers and Abilities

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Tabuu has extremely powerful dark magical powers, and was strong enough to overpower Allen, Mario, and Meta Knight.


  • Foolish mortals!
  • Feel my power.
  • The galaxy is at uproar. I am a focal player. You see, foolish humans, we are going to rule. I, myself, am but an embodiment of darkness. But us, together... We could do so much. We have learned, from our past. There was a horrible terror who fed on planets for nourishment. He caused the dwindle of so many planets.

We are going to harness him. Use his immense powers to rule the galaxy. And nothing can stop us. But first, we need power. As you may have noticed, many of us are trying to harness the keyholes of worlds. Those very keyholes can gives us the power of worlds that we need to hold the mammoth power in place, for our own gain.

And you are the pawn we will use to do it. We- No, I will kill you, and harness your raw power and give it to my master. He will use your very power to conquer all the worlds, and with no opposition, he will unlock the greatest world, and the greatest power, of them all- Kingdom Hearts. With this power, he will revive and summon the great Galactus in the chaos.

And then... All will fall to darkness.


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