Syndrome is a primary antagonist in the Golden Age Kingdom Hearts Pixar appearing as the central boss challenge in Forest Grove Nominisan and finally Parr Sky before his demise and transformation into a replication heartless.


Syndrome Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki

Katakana ウギー・ブギー [1]
Romaji Cindrohme
Type Somebody
Games Kingdom Hearts PIXAR

In Kingdom Hearts Pixar Syndrome appears on the Nominsan Island location in adult form with the same plan as the film plotting to destroy Mr. Incredible with the Omnidroid.

He is seen firstly in Sepia Tone as Buddy in the city cat quarters and bank vaults as Bomb Voyage appears as the first villainery boss of the world.


Sora and the other's arrival in the Golden Age was met with incredible danger as the heartless were under the control of a low level mime crook known as Bomb Voyage.

A Cat Sqeaker was scared up a tree by the swarming heartless and Malificent had left the instructions to destory upon Voyage.

After Voyage's defeat Donald, Goofy and Mr. Incredible had believed the evil to have been vanquished but Sora detected due to there was no Keyhole the threat was still out there.

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl following being wed met with the heroes in cat quarter sending them off towards the world exit.

Upon this the Golden Age had fast forwared in time and upon the heroes return a new villain commanding the heartless had emerged Syndrome.

Syndrome was revealed the adult form of Buddy the relentless fan child donning the rocket boots.

Syndrome had falsely called out Mr. Incredible to destroy him like all the other superheroes he had in the past.

However the Omnidroid's failure led to his surrender of heart to the heartless in return for his demise.

The heartless had Mr. Incredible and the point of his destruction were thwarted by Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Syndrome had then used the heartless to take over the island even making Mirage into one herself.

Sora, The Incredible Family, Donald and Goofy had then confronted Syndrome and finished him as he tried in last minute agony to transform Jack-Jack into a heartless.


Syndrome has a large stick up of red flaming hair and the same facial features as Buddy.

He now possesses freckles upon his cheeks and an average height measuring to the size of Elastigirl.

He dons a large black suit with the signature S engraved upon it as well as white gloves to emanate electricity.

He also dons a black eye mask like the incredible family are bestowed by Edna the costume maker.


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