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Syaoran Li
Syoaran Li
Name Syaoran Li
Home World Clow Kingdom
Role Hero
Weapon Martial arts
Magic Fire-based
Abilities Technique
Limit Breaks Blast Furnace
Class Magefighter
Status Alive

Syaoran Li is a character from Tsubasa Resovoir Chronicle, and his class is "Magefighter", meaning that he is an expert both with magic and physical attacks. He is one of the few characters who generally fights without the use of a weapon, preferring to defeat his enemies through use of martial arts, which focus primarily on speed and kicks. He is also adept in Fire-Elemental magic, like Seifer, but his magic is much more powerful, the source being his kudan. He promotes into the fourth and final Lord of the game.


Chapter 6: Port Royal

Sigurd and his army are transported to Port Royal, where they encounter Syaoran, who's hunting the Final Emblem in order to save his girlfriend Sakura from her own newly awakened powers. Syaoran and Sigurd reach an agreement and join forces, vowing to work together to find the Emblem and then fulfill both of their wishes: Sigurd will use it to revive his homeworld, Judgral, and then Syaoran will save and protect Sakura. The pair are then ambushed by a dozen pirates, whom Syaoran and Sigurd defeat.

Chapter 9: Darkness Incarnate

Syaoran is automatically in the player's group for this chapter, as are the three Lords. After Vanitas single-handedly defeats Sigurd, Seifer, and Lyn, Syaoran takes advantage of the Sentiment's injuries and forces him to flee. Before the battle, Syaoran asks why Vanitas seeks the Final Emblem, and explains his own reasons. Vanitas mysteriously remarks, that he "has the right idea" before attacking Syaoran.

Fighting Style and Abilities

Syaoran's fighting style primarily revolves around melee combos of devastating kicks, and due to his great agility, Syaoran can attack from almost any angle, and is skilled enough that his attacks have great precision. In fact, it's been said that his potential is enough to rival that of Tifa Lockhart.

However, Syaoran is also quite adept with Fire magic, and has found numerous applications for it in battle, including flamethrowers, "grenades", barriers, and creating a fiery aura to supplement his physical attacks.

Blast Furnace

Syaoran's Limit Break, Blast Furnace, is a massive fire-elemental attack that takes the form of a wolf head, which then flies at the opponent at high speed, and upon making contact, explodes. The stream of fire behind it continues, which adds "grinding damage".

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