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Surface Shot
(サーファスショット Sāfasu Shotto)
Surface Shot
"A hard-hitting sniper rifle.
Always finds its mark."
Strength Magic
+4 +2
Critical Snipe

Surface Shot is the main sniper rifle wielded by Yoko in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. It is her default weapon and one of her more powerful ones.


The Surface Shot is modeled after the Barrett M82 semi-automatic. It has an adjustable, three-view scope, a block-like stock with a square of caution tape striping, two thick pink rings on the barrel, and a long hexagonal muzzle. Yoko carries it slung over her back with a pink strap. The rifle runs off of electricity and can fire shots made of blue energy, as well as normal bullets of varying calibers and even arrows.


The term "surface" refers to the desire of the main characters of Gurren Lagann to live on the surface as they are confined to their underground village.

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