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Superhero Infinity War
Marvel VS Super Sentai (202X)
Avengers & Zyurangers.jpg
Location: Earth-199999(S) (primary front)
Toei Tokuverse (secondary front, until the Battle of Starktopia 01)
Result: Decisive Victory for the Avengers Sentai Alliance
(Shin) Avengers
Super Sentai (GoRenger - Zyuohger)
Neo Revengers
Guardians of the Galaxy
Dora Milaje
Masters of the Mystic Arts
Kamen Riders
Metal Heroes
Iron Legion
Iron Maiden
Red Hulk
Agent Abrella
Bio Hunter Silva
Shin Seigi ((Shin) Avengers)
Aka Renger (Super Sentai)
Takeshi Hongo (Kamen Riders)
Space Sheriffs (Metal Heroes)
Tony Stark
Lord Drakkon
Iron Majin (true perpetrator)
Megazords(e.g., DaiZyuJin) Iron Legion
Revived Super Sentai enemies
Steve Rogers (reversed)
Peter Quill (reversed)
Nick Fury
Maria Hill
Wanda Maximoff
Bucky Barnes
Dr. Strange
Pepper Potts
Entire Iron Legion
Every revived Super Sentai villain involved
Iron Maiden
Red Hulk
Lord Drakkon
Tony Stark
Iron Majin

The Superhero Infinity War (a.k.a. Superhero Infinity Taisen(great war)) is the titular conflict and focal point of Marvel VS Super Sentai[1].


According to Aka Red, in time immemorial, an ancient, multi-dimensional God of Destruction ingratiated himself with the Celestials and tried to sway them to his beliefs, but the Eternals and A'Lars defeated him roughly 2000 years ago when Iron Majin's true nature was exposed to Earth. That same malevolent deity chose Tony Stark and Thanos for a long undisclosed purpose[2], for one or the other to become a puppet ruler of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with Earth. Thanos was factored into Iron Majin's plan as a way to punish A'Lars, as was Tony for embodying the same kind of "neo-heroism" to modern humanity as Thanos did to his own people. In the MCU prime timeline, despite barely surviving the deaths of Thanos and Stark, Iron Majin ran out of suitable hosts in that timeline and seeped through the interdimensional cracks made in Spider-Man: No Way Home to make sure Iron Man wins on Titan instead, to a massively horrifying effect.


With Thanos brutally slain by Tony Stark in 2018 of another timeline, the armored Avenger became the evil Iron Majin and imposed a new world order upon the Earth, which went unchallenged for five years until May of 2023 when Shin Seigi starts raising an army of superheroes from his universe and the Toei Tokuverse for the purpose of destroying the evil Stark Administration[3]. The war was fought across two universes, by Thor leading the Neo Revengers back on Earth-199999, and by Shin leading the Shin Avengers as they recruit the Super Sentai and others throughout the Tokuverse's version of Earth, up until the fateful Battle of Starktopia 01.

Despite the terrible losses they suffered, the Avengers Sentai Alliance wins the war by destroying the Administration's leaders and Iron Majin, the ancient God of Destruction responsible for all the eons of heartbreak and devastation[4].


The Earth's governing bodies and their defensive forces were left in shambles, but with the Stark Administration defunct, they could begin the long, steady road to recovery, using what they learned in the past 15 years to make amends and never take Earth's protectors for granted again. As such, the resurrected Steve Rogers convinces the reforming UN to abolish the Sokovia Accords, while assuming command of the rebuilding SHIELD to help rebuild the world. The Super Sentai and other heroes of the Tokuverse return to their dimension to continue their lives and support their successors as needed. Crime and supervillain activity on Earth-199999(S) has declined significantly due to the hubris of the Administration and the Stark family opening the eyes of billions, and the Avengers are disbanded as a group, but some continue to function independently to maintain peace wherever they can.


  • The conflict takes its name from the crossover movies Avengers: Infinity War and Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Superhero Taisen.
  • Shin began his campaign against the Administration, if unofficially, on January 2023 when he stole the Iron Patriot armor[3], while his mission to gather the Super Sentai lasted from May 2023(the fifteenth anniversary of Iron Man's original premiere) to as late as early April 2024[4].