Sunset Horizons
Sunset Horizons
Origin Fan-made
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence
Theme Music Neverending Wasteland
A False Past (Ω Version)
Battle Music A Fight for Survival
Party Member Nullesspes

Sunset Horizons is a world from Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. It is completely uninhabited. This world is filled with numerous deserts, rock formations, cliffs and outcroppings, and valleys and mountains. The unforgiving sun beats down all the time, making this the hottest world of all.



A small, deserted world sitting at the end of the universe, Sunset Horizons was the final battleground in the War of Worlds' Hearts two hundred years ago. After all the other worlds had been destroyed and their hearts taken, the depleted forces of Keybladers, Heartless, and Nobodies gathered on this last remaining world.

The battle continued to rage until only the leaders of the three factions were left, at which point they realized their foolishness, thus coming together and forming the The Pact.


Ryed is banished here by Master Onn after inheriting the Pact Weapon of the Heartless.

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