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Original Name Samuel
Type Nobody
Role Villain
Home World Constelland (Clan Aquarius)
Weapon Claws, Talons, Teeth
Attribute Shape
Status Alive
"I see no point in pretending to be somehing I'm not or even used to be."

Sumexal is an alternate version of Laxemus and No. III in the Anti-Hearts. He can control the shape of things, and thus goes by the title The Shapeshifter.


As a human, Samuel was a very practical person and always saw things the way they were. He eventually became a Nobody which led to his recruitment by Laxemus.


Sumexal is still very practical, as he knows he as no emotions and sees no point in pretending otherwise. He is the most mysterious of the Anti-Hearts as he chooses to be silent.


As an alternate of Laxemus, Sumexal looks almost exactly like him. The only way you can tell them apart is that Sumexal rarely ever wears an Organization coat as his work is mostly undercover. When he does wear an Organization coat it has a cube shape rather than the clock design of Laxemus.

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