Original Name Lucas
Alias Sulcax
Type Nobody
Role Main Antagonist
Age 17
Home World The World That Never Was
Status Alive

Sulcax is the main Antagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Child of the Sun. Sulcax was born in Athens in the world of Olympus Coliseum. He was later defeated in a tournament in his home world alone. He is a co-founder and leader of a New Organization.


" body shakes with anger... I can't get rid of it, I should feel no emotion but all I have left is this one emotion... a deep anger at Galexgan and Xac-Shii's betrayal." -Sulcax to one of the other Nobodies in the New Organization.

Sulcax has no emotions as he is a Nobody, he does remember the feeling however and constantly shows his anger. Sulcax is restless and irritable, he is angry at all times. He desperately seeks Kingdom Hearts and the gaining of his new heart.


Past life

Sulcax was born in Athens of Olympus Coliseum. Being good friends with Xac-Shii at this time the two of them began training for a tournament in the coliseum. When Galexgan and friends arrived he refused to join their team, however Xac-Shii accepted and Sulcax was forced to fight in the tournaments alone. Outnumbered and alone he was defeated by the Heartless in a tournament.

After Becoming a Nobody

Sulcax had found the Castle That Never Was and a book within that contained many details about the previous owners and their goal. Using this Sulcax co-created a New Organization when he met Galexgan as a Nobody. The two then went to look for more to join the Organization. Sulcax was furious at Galexgan, blaming him for his being turned into a Nobody he burned with rage and revenge consumed his mind. When the opportunity arose he had Galexgan's memory taken away and later eliminated him when he got the chance to say that he was "unworthy" to wear the coat anymore.


"What I miss most is my heart..."

"I've lost it all, after Xac-Shii's betrayal all I had left was my heart... and now that's gone too."

Battle quotes

"Are you fit to wear the coat?" (at the start of a battle)

"Nothing is eternal." (Using his limit break)

"It seems your not worthy to be one of us." (when winning)

"I will not lose here!" (when losing)


Sulcax has brown hair that splits at the front. He has glowing yellow eyes. Sulcax dons the coat and uniform of the New Organization for clothing. His skin is also dark.

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