Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush
Origin Wreck-It Ralph
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Signs of Zodiac
Party Member Wreck-It Ralph

Sugar Rush is a world which appears in Kingdom Hearts: Signs of Zodiac. It is unlocked upon completing Axiom and Atlantis. The world is seperated into two parts. The largest part being the one of Sugar Rush itself. A small sideworld has been added which is the Nicelander appartment. The world originates from the recent Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph. They all know of the existence of other worlds, as most of their worlds (games) are always connected.

Settings and Areas






Sugar Rush Racing

Sugar Rush Racing is a mini-game which can be played in the Sugar Rush world. You have to compete against other racers and win the race, simple as that. It is exactly the same as the online game and has the same tracks. However, like in BBS, you race against Heartless.

Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. is a mini-game that can be played at the Nicelander Appartment. You have to climb upwards to the top of the appartment but look out for falling bricks. A special command is in the game which allows you to restore broken windows to gain more points. When you're hit once its game over. When you reach the top you win. It is played from a third-person aspect instead of 2-D.


  • Although the Hero's Duty was important to the film, it isn't included into the game. However the door leading to the game can be seen in the Game Central.
  • A poster of the previous Kingdom Hearts games can be spotted in the background of the Game Central. As well as those from the Final Fantasy, The World Ends With You and Dragon Quest. Additionally the posters of Super Mario RPG, Basketball and Sports Mix can be seen.
  • The Nicelander Appartment can be considered a sperate world just like the Mysterious Tower, however it belongs to the Sugar Rush world just like the Mysterious Tower belongs to Twilight Town. Meaning it can't be entered another way than visiting the Sugar Rush world.

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