Subzero Scorpion
Subzero Scorpion.jpg
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Type Maverick
Role Villain
Home World Earth
Weapon Grappling Spear
Attribute Ice
Status Alive
English Voice Ed Boon

Subzero Scorpion is a new Maverick working for Sigma and the Demonizer empire.


  • Subzero Scorpion is an amalgam and a tribute to Mortal Komabt's two most iconic characters, Sub-Zero and Scorpion. His only lines, though, are recycled recordings of Scorpion's famous lines, "Get over here!", or "Come here!" as spoken by MK series creator Ed Boon.
  • Subzero Scorpion resembles Scorponok from Beast Wars: Transformers, only modified with Sub-Zero's color scheme, physical traits of Scorpion's most recent design, and Mega Man X4-7 esque body proportions.
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