Sure, I sense Sterile Bloom's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Sterile Bloom
"A powerful Keyblade for attacks, but your weakest Keyblade for magic."
Strength Magic
+5 +1
Negative Combo - Decreases aerial and ground combo attacks by one hit
Defeat Lavender and Johnathan the first time you face them.



The Sterile Bloom is one of Aqua's most powerful Keyblades (in terms of strength), but conversely one of her weakest (in terms of magic).


The Sterile Bloom's handle is similar to the Royal Acorn's guard with the same shape as a split maple leaf, except both sides are a bright white/grey color, signaling the sterility of the Keyblade, hence the name. The handle is also strange, as it has a typical handle, except at the ends of the handle, it splits apart and curves out to form a sort of intricate pattern that would look like a form of the Heartless or Nobody symbol (if it wasn't for the fact it splits at both ends in the same way). The main blade of the Sterile Bloom is a plain white blade, much like a whitish recolor of Master Eraqus's Keyblade. The teeth of the blade is a simple half-flower; that is to say, a spiked flower forms the teeth, but it is only on one side, not both.

The Keychain for the Sterile Bloom is a small clear orb, with a swirling ethereality inside the orb that changes its color from bright white to a mix of white and grey constantly.


  • The Sterile Bloom's guard is similar to the Royal Acorn's guard.
  • The Sterile Bloom's blade is similar to Master Eraqus's Keyblade itself.
  • The whitish color and seemingly "copied" parts of the Sterile Bloom are most likely because the Keyblade itself was created from an incomplete source (the Keychain and its mysterious contents). This also adds onto the fact about sterility since Lavender and Johnathan (the bosses you face in a twin battle before you obtain this Keyblade) are sterile in nature and physically sterile because they were created incomplete from a cloning procedure.
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