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Dark Kilmajiro-Duel Masters

The Steel Rhino Kage-Shin was first seen terrorising the citezins of Radiant Garden and started chasing Scrooge McDuck. It noticed a couple of Storm Troopers and attacked them immediateyl along with the Keyblade wielders, Riku and Sora who stepped in after saving the duck and Kongiku who was in the area. The Steel Rhino surprised them all as it spoke and summoned a horde of heartless, revealing itself to be a Kage-Shin much like Shogonaut. It proved to be very powerful, ignoring the rest strangely and turned it's attentions to Sora and tried to kill him.

It seemed to had the upper hand until the tables turned on the beast when Sora suddenly acted in strange behaviour, intimidating the Heartless but the Steel Rhino seemed more anxious to destroying him then but Sora with surprisingly incredible agility and swordsmanship then normal easily defeated them and severaly wounded the monster.

Muttering the final words to Sora before it disintigrated which were "Nephilim" and "Son of Karas" and further confusing them of what it was on about. Unknownist to either Sora or Riku of what it was on about, the Sith Lord Darth Vader secretly observed the battle and listened to it's words.

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