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Hokuto Hoshizora
Origin Prologus: Bionic Fantasy
Alias Starlighter
Type Human
Role ally
Age 30s-40s
Gender Male
Home World Ankoku Nui
Other residences Spira (ancestral home owrld)
Family Auron (distant ancestor)
Status Unknown (as of "Bionic Fantasy")
English Voice Hugh Jackman
Japanese Voice Akio Ohtsuka

Hokuto "Starlighter" Hoshizora is a character in Prologus: Bionic Fantasy.



Starlighter is an older man with short blond hair, hoop earrings, and a thin beard with a slight goatee. His attire consists of a red/blue/purple blended poncho.


Starlighter is a bit boisterous and gruff, but he is considerate, wise, and loyal enough to Gainaz to help give him, Zonan, and Crono easier passage to the Great Temple, and does his best to keep Hairo off their trail. He is also an acquaintance of Gainaz's classmate Lancel.

In contrast to Hairo's strict demeanor and prejudice against Matoran, Starlighter is more rational, unbiased, and understands that Crono is nothing like the Matoran who allegedly were conspiring to take Ankoku Nui for themselves, having noted a physical difference between Crono and those Matoran he witnessed Hairo kill. He has constantly advised Hairo to keep his captives alive at least long enough to deduce their motives first, but his wisdom has sadly fallen on deaf ears time and again.


Needing some cover to justify his absence, Gainaz is pointed out to Starlighter in Po-Kassho, where he and his group start towards on their journey.

After escaping Hairo after his attempt to kill Crono, the trio happens upon Starlighter's home, where they explain everything to him. Starlighter agrees to accompany them through Ga-Ao, leaving Zonan in Yuria and Tsuki's care while he, Gainaz, and Crono find a way into the Great Temple. Once Crono is finished explaining his theory that the Choujintei is actually evil, Starlighter stays with Tsuki and Yuria, keeping an eye out for Hairo while Gainaz, Crono, and Zonan head for Ta-Aka. When Hairo arrives at Ga-Ao, Starlighter tries to stall him, but fails. When Hairo is about to kill Yuria, Starlighter finally caves in and tells Hairo that Crono's group is in Ta-Aka. With Hairo gone to pursue Crono, Starlighter stays behind to try and help Yuria and Tsuki recover from their physical and emotional wounds.

He continued supporting Gainaz, Zonan, and Jikanmu, but was presumably killed by Scryptorek's magic, along with nearly all life on Ankoku Nui. It is currently unknown if he was revived during Luminus Magna's restoration or not.


His nickname was conceived as a more heroic sounding analogue to Luke Skywalker's originally planned last name, "Starkiller". Coincidentally, his characterization and attire seem to be a bit reminiscent of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"Hokuto" means "North Star", or "Big Dipper", most likely in reference to Fist of the North Star.

Hoshizora means "Starry Sky", in reference to his more commonly used nickname.


  • Hokuto's appearance is taken from a beta design for Auron in Final Fantasy X. GokaiWhite says this could hint at Hokuto being connected/related to Auron, that he does not just having a similar name origin.
  • His japanese voice actor also currently does the voice of Toa Lhikan.