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The 8 Starlight Princes are 8 brave noblemen with hearts that have pure lights that originate from 8 shooting stars. Now they are in danger of losing their rare lights.

Stained Glasses



  • Like the 7 Princesses of heart, the Starlight Princes can have nobodies as proven by Sora's nobody, Roxas and Yugi's nobody, Ishiku.
  • Alex is the only Starlight Prince to be an animal.
  • Jack and Alex are the only Starlight Princes from Dreamworks.
  • Flynn, Aladdin, Sora, Jim and Ralph are the only Starlight Princes from Disney.
  • Yugi is the only Starlight Prince not to be from Dreamworks nor Disney.
  • At one point, Stefano from Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted was going to be the 6th Starlight Prince. However, he was replaced by Sora because he doesn't have a love interest or a sister.
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