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"When have the villains ever told the truth anyway...?"
—Starla responding to her older sister Violet's story about Nega-Nick in Chapter 26

Starla The Seedrian is a female Seedrian that escaped from her refugee ship when being pursued by Metarex. She is the youngest of the four remaining Seedrians, and is both Galaxina's and Violet's younger sibling, as well the youngest neice of Aunt Meadow.


Starla has only one outfit in Sonic's Reality Check.

Chapter 21

  • Blue gem on her chest
  • Dark green hair with bangs over her eyes
  • Purple roses on the sides of her head
  • Dark purple-and-white petal-like dress


Starla seems to be the odd one out amongst her other Seedrian family members: whereas Galaxina is collected, Violet is timid, and Aunt Meadow is calm, Starla is rambunctious, free-spirited, loud, and carefree. She does have qualms about evil villains and making fun of her family members, as evidenced when she kicked Shadow in the shin out of spite for his attempt to murder Cosmo in the canon Sonic X. Despite this, however, she is also very polite to her older siblings and aunt, although a bit lax at times when learned how to scout the area without being seen by anyone.

Starla also seems to be the only Seedrian who doesn't care if any other humans besides Sonic and friends find them.

Starla's Role

Full role coming soon


Coming soon


  • Although Starla is a canon character in Sonic X, her name in SRC is fanon, as her true name was never spoken in Sonic X.
  • Starla has two contradictions of her character in SRC. The first is a major flaw in continuity by an overlooked detail of Starla's design, while the second is a grammatical error in Chapter 26 of SRC.
    • As pointed out by TailsLovesCosmo of, Cosmo is the youngest sibling out of Galaxina, Violet, and Starla. Starla has been referred to as Cosmo's younger sister throughout SRC.
    • In Chapter 26, Starla is shown donning Violet's human disguise to go to Nick's home. However, when Galaxina gets to Tails in the same chapter, Starla had been replaced with Violet. In this case, it can be safely assumed that Starla does not have any pseudo-human transformations yet, and Violet was meant to originally leave for Nick's home; therefore, Violet does have the pseudo-human transformation.
  • The gem on Starla's chest gives her the power to control earth and earth-based attacks for short periods of time.
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