Squall Leonhart.png
Kana スコール・レオンハート
Romaji Sukōru Reonhāto
Origin Final Fantasy VIII (1999)
Alias Leon
Type Human
Role Hero
Age 18-20
Gender Male
Alignment Toa Luminus
Home World Balamb Garden
Other residences Winhill
Family Laguna Liore ((alleged) father)
Raine Liore(mother, deceased)
Weapon Revolver Gunblade
Attribute Earth
Status Alive
English Voice Giuseppe Lattanzi (Bionic Fantasy)
Doug Erholtz (all other appearances)
David Boreanaz (first Kingdom Hearts only)
Japanese Voice Hideo Ishikawa

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Squall is an agent of SeeD based in Balamb Garden, who became nominated the Toa Luminus of Courage.


Due to how much he's matured over his previous journey, Squall was quickly swayed into helping Nuju and Matau find their missing brothers and sister, despite having only just met them. He views Matau as something of a little brother figure, almost like his relationship with Zell, and remains fiercely devoted to Rinoa, among his own friends, reassuring her that she will never stoop to Ultimecia's level as long as she never loses sight of what really matters.

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