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Spiderwick Estate
Origin The Spiderwick Chronicles
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story
Theme Music Theme from The Spiderwick Chronicles film
Battle Music As of yet, none.
Party Member Jared Grace

The Spiderwick Estate is a world featured in Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story. It is a large manor surrounded by a forest, teeming with mythical creatures.


The Spiderwick estate and its surrounding countryside first appeared the fantasy book series, The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi.


When Aros and friends first arrive, they are attacked by a hoard of small, frog-like monsters. After fighting them off, Max picks up an odd gem that gives off a greenish glow. Aros mentions that the monsters must have stolen it from someone and that they should find its owner. Instantly, the gem's glow creates a trail into the forest behind them. Aros decides that they should follow the mysterious trail, despite Sith's idea to check the old house nearby. The team follows the light-trail through the forest, which is infested with heartless and the same sort of creatures they had fought before. The trail leads into a large rock quarry where the team encounters a huge, red monster. Despite its appearance, Sith tells the others that it can't be a heartless; "There's something more...wild about it." he says. After a rough battle with the beast, the team is attacked by more of the odd green monsters. Suddenly, a boy in a red hoodie appears and fings a handfull of salt at the creatures, who back away. The boy tells the team to run and leads them out of the quarry...

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