Spider Man
Spider Man.jpg
Romaji スパイダーマン
Japanese Supaidaman
Origin Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug,1962)
Alias Peter Parker, Symbiote Spiderman, Spidey
Type Human
Role Ally
Age 15-20
Gender Male
Alignment Avengers
Home World New York (birthplace)
Other residences Metro City
Family Ben Parker (deceased uncle), May Parker (aunt), Mary Jane Watson (wife)
Weapon Spider web
Status Alive
English Voice Tom Holland

Spider Man is perhaps the most famous Marvel Superhero of all time, right next to Captain America. He was just an average teenager named Peter Parker until the fateful day he got bit by a radioactive spider, gained superhuman abilities, and discovered that "With great power comes great responsibility".


Being more or less the same as his usual self, Peter is secretly trying to come to grips with the scorn he's recently facing for his recent associations with Iron Man, from both Iron Man's haters, and those of his fans who blame Spidey for the armored hero's death from one speculated reason to another.

Despite the overwhelming severity of the accusations directed at Peter Parker, Sora and Sarah do not blame him partially, nor Tony Stark completely for the latter's "crimes" against the common people and other morally questionable actions Tony committed to save the world, or as his haters put it, preserve his "idealized" future and flawed personal narrative on the nature of true heroism.

Team Attack

Spider Man and Sora develop a new team attack, where Spidey shoots web at Sora's keyblade, and the latter swings it around, channeling energy to the web(allowing it to inflict damage on to enemies on contact) while Spidey is holding onto it, delivering devastating punches and kicks until Sora performs a slamming attack.

Musical Themes

Spidey's theme is "Radioactive Spider Man", the opening theme of the Spider-Man animated series from the 1990's.

Another associated theme of his is the opening theme of the 1966's animated series.


  • "You were the one who taught me 'with great power comes great responsibility!' I'm the one who wanted YOU to be better!!!" - to Iron Majin.

Symbiote Spidey.jpg


  • Despite being voiced by Tom Holland, his MCU incarnation's portrayer, Spidey's suit in The Third Ragnarok looks closer to that in the comics and/or the Sam Raimi film trilogy, though it's possible that he is already using more than one suit depending on the situation.
  • Upon seeing MegaMind's mecha, Spidey exclaims, "Wish I had one of those!", in reference to his Toei namesake controlling Leopardon.
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