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Spider Man.jpg
Kana スパイダーマン
Romaji Supaidaman
Origin Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug,1962)
Alias Peter Parker, Symbiote Spiderman, Spidey
Type Human
Role Ally
Age 15-20
Gender Male
Alignment Avengers (formerly)
Shin Avengers (in MvSS)
Home World New York (birthplace)
Other residences Metro City
Family Ben Parker (deceased uncle), May Parker (aunt; deceased in prime timeline only),
Weapon Spider web
Status Alive
English Voice Tom Holland
Japanese Voice Junya Enoki

Spider-Man is perhaps the most famous Marvel Superhero of all time, right next to Captain America. He was just an average teenager named Peter Parker until the fateful day he got bit by a radioactive spider, gained superhuman abilities, and discovered that "With great power comes great responsibility".


Marvel VS Super Sentai

After spending five years in "house arrest", Peter Parker reclaimed his suit and rescues Shin Seigi from the Iron Legion, and together with Shuri, Groot, and Ironheart Rescue, they form the Shin Avengers and go to the Toei Tokuverse to bring the Super Sentai together.[1]

When he returned with the Shin Avengers for the Battle of Starktopia 01, Peter reclaims the Iron Spider suit and assists Black Widow in killing Agent Abrella before finally confronting his evil former mentor and Lord Drakkon. Unfortunately, Tony uses Spidey and Kiba Ranger as hostages, and threw Drakkon under the bus when that tactic failed.

After Shin finally kills Tony, Spidey witnesses as the True Iron Majin revives and kills Pepper, but avengers her death by destroying Iron Majin forever along with Shin, Shuri, Aka Renger, Kiba Ranger, and Gokai Silver piloting Mugen DaiZyuJin. With the Super Infinity War finally over, Peter attends Pepper's funeral and Shin's speech before leaving the Shin Avengers to resume his normal career as a friendly neighborhood Spider Man, while still remaining in close contact with Shin.[2]

Kingdom Hearts: The Third Ragnarok

Peter Parker is sighted in Metro City taking photographs of Mega Mind's battle with Tighten. He claims to have also obtained photos of at least one of Mega Mind's earlier fights with Metro Man.


In Marvel VS Super Sentai, Peter is understandably disgusted at his former mentor Tony Stark for his subjugation of the world, the murder of Captain America and Black Panther, and worst of all, his betrayal of the very ideals Tony claimed to be instilling in Peter. He felt that Tony's taking away everyone's right to be their own hero is the unforgivable, ultimate abuse of his mentor's own right, and swore never to become anything like what his treacherous mentor is or was grooming Peter to become while continuing as always to put the needs of others before his own.

In The Third Raganrok, being more or less the same as his usual self, Peter is secretly still trying to come to grips with the scorn he's recently facing for his associations with Iron Man, from both Iron Man's haters, and those of his fans who blame Spidey for the armored hero's death from one reason to another. This would imply that his story in KH:TTR takes place after the Superhero Infinity War.

Despite the overwhelming severity of the accusations directed at Peter Parker, Sora and Sarah do not blame him partially, nor Tony Stark completely for the latter's "crimes" against the common people and other morally questionable actions Tony committed to, as his haters put it, preserve his "idealized" future and flawed personal narrative on the nature of true heroism.


Aunt May

As his aunt, her coercion into performing sexual favors for Iron Majin is one of the prime motivations for Peter to finally rebel against his mentor-turned-sworn enemy. Iron Majin's killing of Mysterio had ironically prevented her death because of the Green Goblin.

Happy Hogan

As Tony Stark's chauffer turned slave, his imprisonment for complaining about Iron Majin's tyranny is one of the prime motivations for Peter to finally rebel against his mentor-turned-sworn enemy. He comforted Happy at Pepper's wedding, signifying that they have become closer in the wake of Iron Man's betrayal.


As his love-interest-to-be, her harassment by the Stark Administration is one of the prime motivations for Peter to finally rebel against his mentor-turned-sworn enemy. Iron Majin's killing of Mysterio had ironically prevented her and Ned, among arguably the entire MCU, from forgetting him.

Ned Leeds

As his high-school friend, Ned's forceful conscription to military school is one of the prime motivations for Peter to finally rebel against his mentor-turned-sworn enemy. When Ned was freed, he tearfully admits that the Legionites pointed their weapons at him to make him promise never to eat chocolate or watch porn again. Ned has also come to believe that Tony deserved to be lied to after lying to Peter beforehand and covering up his shameful past from Spidey for so long.

Shin Seigi

Peter shares Shin's anger at the Tyrant of Steel's evil hypocrisy, and desire to free mankind from his iron grip, so they quickly become best friends and treat each other as equals. Spidey has a much easier time listening to Shin, and Shin is very forgiving towards Spidey, refusing to ever scold the wall crawler, like the way Tony ruthlessly talked down to him after the Staten Ferry Incident, for any reason. Parker also helped Shin conquer his disdain toward the Iron Man suit itself by reminding him that it is the man who makes the suit good or evil.

When Shin was finally pushed into killing the tyrannical former Avenger, Peter comforted his leader as he regretted this action, reminding him that he was not fighting out of blind hate, but out of love for his friends and his sincere desire to protect them from the corrupt powerful. He encouraged Shin to not to let Iron Majin guilt him for Pepper's death, and stood by his side as they destroy the tyrannical devil-god and usher in a brighter future where they never have to feel alone in their hardships.


After learning of T'Chaka's own indiscretion of murdering N'Jobu, which she presumably learned from T'Challa, Peter understood how she, like her brother, could no longer respect T'Chaka as a king, but still loved him as a father. Putting their technological specialties together has served not only to benefit the team, but also improve their chemistry as friends. Their mutual respect for Shin has made the latter and Peter as third-hand brother figures to Shuri.


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Pepper Potts

Despite understanding her desire to save her husband from himself, Peter also feels she must know when to draw the line and accept that Tony Stark is not what they thought he was. He held no ill will towards her, even as Shin had to stop her from being so hard on him, but understands that scolding him for having to follow his gut goes strictly against the Shin Avengers' code of honor. Despite harboring a sort of jealousy towards Shin in regards to Peter, not unlike what Iron Majin had, Pepper ultimately came to realize that Peter has been put through enough suffering and admits she should have done more to correct Tony's treatment of him.

Despite the fact that Peter had to stop her from interfering with Shin destroying her husband, Pepper did not lash out at him, but rather wanted to commit suicide out of defeatism. Although Peter helped talk her out of it, Pepper was mercilessly murdered by the True Iron Majin, so he did not hide his contempt for the devil-god or his desire to see it destroyed for what it had done.

Iron Man

Peter once looked up to Tony Stark, but after enduring his hypocritical behavior and letting so many of his loved ones suffer at Tony's hands for too long, Peter realizes he can no longer allow Tony to push anyone around again, and understands how the tyrant is now beyond even Shin's ability to forgive. Another source of ire at his hypocritical mentor is that while Peter was aware of Ultron's existence, he was never told who created the technological terror until the events of the Super Infinity War.

Though he was shocked that Shin did end up killing Iron Man after all, Peter understood that by paying Uncle Ben's killer to murder him and then killing the crook to cover it up, and sacrificing Drakkon purely out of spite for the idea of finally being punished for his sins, almost killing Peter in the process, Tony Stark had finally lost all hope of redemption. He also recognized that this meant Peter Parker was finally free to step out of Iron Man's shadow and be his own hero.

Kou / Kiba Ranger

Spidey was beside himself with excitement at the idea of meeting the Zyurangers and even went as far as calling them the Power Rangers, which made Kou smile and become friends with the wall crawler instantly. He personally taught Spidey some moves that allowed them both to break free when Iron Majin and Drakkon used them as hostages.[3]

Gai Ikari / Gokai Silver

Seeing how Gai Ikari resents Lord Drakkon for betraying the forces of good, and noticing the disturbing (meta-)parallels in this to his own profound disappointment in Tony Stark, Peter gladly helped Gai recover his Gokai Cellular out of a mutual understanding that he needed his own suit not to be special, but to protect others from the forces of evil.[4]

Bully Maguire

If they were to meet, Peter would both express disgust at Bully's actions and behavior, while also agreeing that as an egoistic hypocrite who is practically at war with the very concept of responsibility and anything that would try to overshadow the armored (ex-)Avenger, (the Iron Majin-possessed) Tony Stark is now their common enemy.

Team Attacks

Spider Man and Sora develop a new team attack, where Spidey shoots web at Sora's keyblade, and the latter swings it around, channeling energy to the web(allowing it to inflict damage on to enemies on contact) while Spidey is holding onto it, delivering devastating punches and kicks until Sora performs a slamming attack.

Shin Seigi and Spidey also develop a team attack called the "Shin Spidey Clothesline", where Spidey shoots web from his right/left hand at Shin's left/right hand, and they use the string to trip entire groups of enemies.

Musical Themes

Spidey's theme is "Radioactive Spider Man", the opening theme of the Spider-Man animated series from the 1990's.

Another associated theme of his is the opening theme of the 1966's animated series.


  • "You were the one who taught me, 'with great power comes great responsibility!' You're the one who went behind my back, did everything you told me NOT to do, times a billion!!!" - to Iron Majin.
  • "You're trash, Mr. Stark!"
  • "You were my hero, but you betrayed ALL of us!"
  • "I wanted YOU to be better, and this is what I get for putting up with you?"
  • "OMG! I can't believe I'm actually meeting the original Power Rangers in the flesh!" - to the Zyurangers and Kiba Ranger.[5]
  • "That's for taking my suit away!" - after the Iron Man Mk. 47 is destroyed[6]
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  • Despite being voiced by Tom Holland, his MCU incarnation's portrayer, Spidey's suit in The Third Ragnarok looks closer to that in the comics and/or the Sam Raimi film trilogy, though it's possible that he is already using more than one suit depending on the situation.
  • Upon seeing MegaMind's mecha, Spidey exclaims, "Wish I had one of those!", in reference to his Toei namesake controlling Leopardon.
  • He is the only Shin Avenger not to directly kill a Stark Administration General, though he helped Black Widow take down Abrella.
  • His meta-cultural nicknames for various Super Sentai characters are as follows: