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Spellbound Ascension
Origin Fan-Made
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity
Theme Music Quiet Over the World
Battle Music Utter Silence
Party Member N/A

Spellbound Ascension is a world from Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. It is the homeworld of Lily Marina, Alexis LaReine, Anthony DiNotte, and Cleopatra Endellion DeBuio. It appears to be a futuristic world with energy panels, moving walkways, and synthetic environments.


At the beginning of Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity, each of the three protagonists live comfortably in this world with their friends and families. After each of them finishes their respective Awakening dreams, the Heartless appear, drawn to their world by the presence of the Keyblade. Though they all fight bravely, Anthony lets his guard down and is struck down by a Heartless. Although he is almost consumed by the Darkness, Lily makes a desperation move and uses her Keyblade to strip all Darkness from his heart. This event, however,

spawns a being of pure evil: Cleo. Her "birth" is so disruptive to the fabric of reality that it causes the Keyhole of Spellbound Ascension to shatter, which effectively stops time on the world for any but the Keyblade wielders, who go on a search for ways to reverse this.

It turns out that the shards of the Keyhole lodged themselves deep within the hearts of Lily, Alex, Anthony, Cleo, and three children from their world, named Glow, Dim, and Shade, who were gifted with powers by the shards of the Keyhole. Through out the story, Cleo methodically hunts down each of them and steals their shard of the Keyhole, except for Anthony When the two clash back at their homeworld, even though Antohny defeats Cleo, she summons Unversed to hold him while she extracts the shard from his heart, thus bringing together all of them in her own dark heart and remaking the Keyhole. Through this Keyhole, she escapes to an entire world made of her emotions, the Unborn Core.


  • Serenity Park - A large park where people can go to relax or play on the various structures. Clear plexiglass moving walkways move people through the park on a scenic route.
  • Neos City - A sprawling city with buildings made of mirrored glass windows. They are of varied heights, and none are accessible to the heroes.
  • Tranquility Lake - A large natural lake that seems to expand into the horizon. Its placid surface creates a mirror that created the illusion of the lake being a hole into the sky.
  • Crystal Canyon (later called The Keyhole) - A glade fenced in by towering walls that houses a wall made of pure crystal. In the presence of a Keyblade, this wall gives up its secret treasure: the Keyhole of this world.


Note: Enemies in Bold are Bosses.


  • Shadow
  • Neoshadow
  • Invisible
  • Angel Star


  • Dusk
  • Creeper


  • Flood
  • Bruiser
  • Scrapper
  • Blue Sea Salt
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Red Hot Chili
  • Cleo (Boss)
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