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Sorceror Nobody
Kana ソーサラーノーバディ
(Sōsarā Nōbadi)
Type Supreme transcendental
nonentity (pure Nobody)
Role Protagonist
First seen Chapter I
Home world The Void
Age Older than reality
Weapon(s) Inherent powers, Keyblade
Attribute(s) Nega
Inexistent Misadventure character

Sorceror Nobody is an original character in Inexistent Misadventure.

As a nonentity that has inexisted since before any universe, he unsurprisingly resides in the Void between realities. Supremely powerful, he can warp reality at will, although he tends not to interfere in universes, preferring mainly to observe them instead.

All of this changes when he is knocked out of the Void, losing most of his power in the process.


The entire narrative of Inexistent Misadventure revolves around Sorceror Nobody, so this section would merely reproduce the published text of the fiction. Therefore, readers are simply directed to the source material.


Armoured form

Sorceror Nobody has no fixed form, as he is comprised of pure sentient Nega energy. However, his preferred form is that shown in the infobox: a faceless, hovering being garbed in a seamless silvery-white robe. His emblem is emblazoned on the hem of the robe, and he is surrounded by an aura of power.

The ability to change his form is one of the capabilities lost when he is ejected from the Void. After certain events in the story, he partially regains the ability, transforming himself into a stout, armoured shape. This is generally his chosen form for combat, especially after he acquires his Keyblade.

He mainly uses only these two forms in the story, although certain situations may call for another form entirely. Xehanort's familiarity with Sorceror Nobody's usual form would eventually lead his Nobody, Xemnas, to design his servant Sorcerers in the nonentity's image, much to Sorceror Nobody's irritation.


Ordinarily, Sorceror Nobody is near-omnipotent, but his capabilities are massively constrained from the beginning of the story. He gradually regains some of his more basic abilities, and even picks up a few new ones, as the story progresses.

  • From the fairy folk in the Artemis Fowl universe, he learns how their magical shield works, and is able to emulate the skill.


Main article: Sorceror Nobody Keyblade

Sorceror Nobody's Keyblade is broadly similar to normal Keyblades, including the fact that Sorceror Nobody can use Keychains obtained on his travels to change the superficial form of the weapon. However, the Keyblade is later revealed to have a few properties that make it markedly different to any other, some of which prove to be mixed blessings...


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