Kana アルティミシア
Romaji Arutimishia
Origin Final Fantasy VIII (1999)
Original Name Artimesia
Alias Sorceress Extreme
Type Human/Sorceress
Role Villain/Enemy
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Home World Ultimecia's Castle
Other residences La Cité des Cloches/The Dark Realm
Family None
Weapon Rod/Staff/Orb
Attribute Darkness, Fire, Time, Matter, Nil
English Voice Tasia Valenza
Japanese Voice Atsuko Tanaka

Ultimecia is a character who is originally fromFinal Fantasy VIII, and is also the main antagonist of the game.

In KH: ITHOTCR, she acts as the staunch ally of Maleficent and the tormentor of Sanguia. Because of this, Sangua fell into time compression, traveling back thousands of years before Xehanort's fall. She is the member of the Warriors Of Chaotic Darkness.

Both Maleficent and Sorceress Ultimecia are both respnonsible for fusing Corridor of Darkness and Time Compression combination: The Universal Time Deompression Of Eternal Darkness, thus recruiting Warriors of Spiritus and Chaos, meaning it would be Spiritual Chaos.

In part of JTTCR, Ultimecia calls Maleficent her "sister".

However it is implied that Maleficent is now completely under conrol with both sorceresses Adel and Ultimecia but Adel herself does not want it.

However Sorceress Adel finds the Empress Xehanort as being with complete disregard for humanity, compassion and empathy.


  • My best friend *to Maleficent*
  • I will call you sister. *to Maleficent*
  • Let's swallow up the realms!
  • To Lumene: You are here, Princess of Heart
  • To Maleficent: I shall give you my powers.

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