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Sora: Hiya, folks!

Roxas: Welcoms to the --!

Sora: Roxas, step out of the way! I was about to execute my opening monologue.

Roxas: Monologue? Oh no! I would never want to intrude on your never ending speech.

Sora: Are you insultin' my way of life, boy?

Roxas: Maybe I am. Maybe I ain't. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Sora: (slaps Roxas) THAT'S what I'll do, you nobody!

Roxas: Hey I am a Nobody. I'm YOUR Nobody.

Sora: I don't mean literally. I mean you have no life.

Roxas: I have no life? This is coming from a guy who's stranded on an island while I got a hot date with Namine!

Sora: She only goes out with you 'cuz she's Kairi's Nobody and Kairi likes me! And second of all, I'm not stranded!

Roxas: You're not, eh? Okay, then. Go to New York City right now.

Sora: I can't go there, because --.

Roxas: (sing-songy) You're strand-ded!

Sora: Am not! I just don't have a gummi ship!

Roxas: Gummi? Like gummy bears?!

Sora: Not gummy bears, you idiot! Gummi like the ship that takes you to other worlds!

Roxas: Didn't you use to have one of those? Don't tell you looked at it and broke it.

Sora: No, it was King Mickey's and... What do you mean "looked at it and broke it"?

Roxas: Well, no offense Sora, but you're a little harsh on the eyes.

Sora: Listen here boy, I can just as easily put you back in my heart just as I took you out!

Roxas: Say, I thought that was the Heartless. Oh well, I never wanted to be inside of you anyway.

Sora: What's that supposed to mean?!

Roxas: Well, let's just say it's like your mom and you. Your mom never wanted you to be born, Sora. Why, if she knew you were gonna be so ugly, she never would've --.

Sora: Shut up! (slashes Roxas with keyblade)

Roxas: (flies back and crashed into a wall, leaving a large crack) So it's gonna be like that, eh?

Sora: Gemme yo best shot, No. 13!

Roxas: What do you think I was gonna do? Dance the Worman polka?

Sora: What? Ugh... Stop confusing me!

Roxas: It ain't my fault your brain is so dumb that you can't understand that.

Sora: (blasts Roxas with fire from his keyblade)

Roxas: (blocks attack with his keyblade, and blasts Sora with a bolt of lightning)

Sora: Ow!

Roxas: What's wrong? Baby wanna bottle?

Sora: Stop it! (jumps in the air with intent of slashing Roxas, but drops on the floor with his head held down)

Roxas: I knew it, you were too chicken. So chicken that I eat you in my chicken noodle soup.

Sora: (stares at Roxas with crazed eyes, then unleashes Ars Arcanum on Roxas)

Roxas: (is hit repeatedly) Ow! Ow! Ouch! What the --?! Ouch! Stop it! Ow! Ow! Aaaaah! BANG!

Roxas: (falls on the ground, turns to dust, and is absorbed by Sora)

Sora: I guess that's that. Anyway, welcome to the Sora vs Roxas transcript that... that just happened... Huh... Well, I think I'll go eat a paupu fruit. (walks into the sunset)


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