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Kana ソラ
Origin Kingdom Hearts
Original Name Sora
Alias The Keyblade's Chosen One
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist, Keyblader
Age 16
Home World Destiny Islands
Family Mother
Weapon Keyblade: Kingdom Chain
Attribute Fire, Ice, Lightning
Status Alive
Sora is the main protagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Generations. He along with Riku (KHG), Kairi (KHG), & Dracule D. Dario were sent by Master Yen-Sid to protect 10 new worlds from the new Organization XIII (KHG) and find new Keybladers that will help him and the others. He is the descendant and incarnation of legendary Keyblade Grandmaster Lei Hong.


During the beginning of the series till before leaving the Mysterious Tower, Sora worn a black revision of his Kingdom Hearts clothing. The hoodie was colored black, with silver pauldron-like additions to his sleeves and white lining. His undershirt was a navy blue with a red patch in the center. His pants, similar to chaps, were colored black on the outside, and a navy blue on the inside, lined with silver-white edging. Yellow straps criss-cross were around his pants, held together with a black belt. The pants featured red pockets with a black cross over them. His gloves were colored black on the outside and white on the inside with a yellow line running around them. He also wore large black-yellow shoes with silver soles, a zipper running across the top, and black straps holding them together with buckles here and there. Sora's crown pendant is present on this attire. Before starting their new journey, Sora and his friends received new attires from The Three Good Fairies themselves. His new clothes are a grey high-collared short-sleeved jacket with blue lining, two breast pockets along with two lower ones in the front, his crown pendant on both of the sleeves, and the jacket's collar (hood) was blue. Underneath is a grey long-sleeved shirt. Sora wears twin wirst bands with a blue-and-grey coloring on them, as well as matching fingerless gloves similar to his old ones in Kingdom Hearts II. He also wears two-colored pants; the legs of his pants are black with several of what looked like buttons on the hem that appeared to attach the legs to the rest of the cloth, which are grey. His shoes were colored in shades of grey and blue, and had black straps in place of laces.




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