Sora (KH: Ultima)
Age 23
Title Hero of the light
Occupation Keyblade master
Family Kairi
Gender male
First appearance Kingdom Hearts
Original name Sora

Sora is the main hero of the Kingdom Hearts Series, first appearing in Kingdom Hearts. But in Kingdom Hearts: Ultima, he takes the role of an ally and mentor to Zephyr, a necessary relationship if Zephyr is to find his friends, and defeat Mephilose Draygohn. In Kingdom Hearts Ultima, he is older, and married to Kairi, and about to be a proud father. But when the Mephilians appear, and worlds dissapear, he feels he needs to stop things from getting worse, in order to protect the ones he cherishes.


Finding Zephyr on the Shore

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Leaving Destiny Islands

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His personality is largely unchanged from his canon counterpart.

Gojira57's Notes and trivia

  • He will probally act somewhat as a "Father figure" to Zephyr, giving him support even in the most dire and emotional of situations.
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