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Sora Armored.jpg
Kana ソラ
Romaji Sora
Origin Kingdom Hearts (2002)
Alias Boi (by Yondu and Kratos)
Captain S
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist
Age 16-22
Gender Male
Alignment Keyblade Warriors of Light
New Revengers (leader)
Gummi Pilots (leader)
Home World Destiny Islands
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Light
Status Trapped in Quadratum (after KHMoM)
Alive (as of TTR and GR)
English Voice Haley Joel Osment
GokaiWhite (understudy)
Japanese Voice Miyu Irino

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"Sora is perhaps the nicest, most likable guy you could ever have as a friend!" ~ Sarah Serenity

Sora's personality remains largely the same as it always has been. He has a typical brave and heroic personality, meaning he'll willingly risk his life for people he doesn't even know yet, as shown when he tries to save Ansem the Wise from the explosion, even if to no avail. He's extremely loyal to his friends, and has been shown to be extremely forgiving to Riku, even forgiving him for the times he has tried to kill him, and very protective of Kairi.

Sora is highly optimistic person, choosing to think positively throughout his journeys. He is an upbeat and brash person, and although he is simple minded at times, he has a strong sense of justice. Sora has matured during his year long stasis in Castle Oblivion; for instance, when battling enemies, he seems to have a more serious expression on his face. Sora is more confident than before and takes charge of his group. He is also quite caring and reassuring to his other-world friends.

Recently, Sora has started to care less about pursuing a romantic relationship with Kairi, as long has he can return safely and assure her he's alive and well after all that's happened as of late, and still be her friend. He is also considering giving Kairi and Riku his blessing to marry, after some convincing from Sarah.


The Third Ragnarok

On Destiny Islands, Sora and Riku were having a friendly sparring match on the beach before Empress Hazel shows up and defeats them both, sending them off to distant parts of the universe where they would have to fight their way back. Sora ended up trapped at the site of Yggdrashreck, the Divine Tree to which the Nine Realms of Dreamworks are connected, fighting Loki and meeting Sarah, who accompanies him on his new journey.

After sealing four worlds' keyholes, Sora and Sarah are captured and forced to fight in the arena. Sora fights, defeats, and befriends Shrek, helping him and Kratos escape, while Sarah breaks out with Edward Elric's help. After reuniting and defeating Loki once more, Sora and Sarah decide to put together a team to stop Hazel, and convince Loki to join them before leaving to seal the other four worlds' keyholes.

With the keyholes of the eight outer realms of Dreamworks sealed, Sora, Sarah, and Loki return to Neo Asgard-III one more time to officially assemble the New Revengers and stop Hazel, adding Lightning to their ranks and defeating Gilgamesh along the way.

Getterborn Rising

Sora, Donald, and Goofy are out exploring on their Gummi Ship, but are attacked by a new breed of Heartless. The friends escape with their lives, but the Gummi Ship is destroyed and they are confronted by a man named Cowen Stinger, who reveals that the new enemies are Getterborn, which are now attacking the worlds because Sora’s actions since KH3 have angered the “Getter”, and his death is the only way to appease the Getter’s wrath and make the Getterborn disappear forever. But Riku doubts Stinger’s words and encourages Sora to search for another way to defeat this new enemy, allowing him to use the Gummi Pilder in place of the destroyed Gummi Ship. No one in Twilight Town or Radiant Garden can provide an answer, but Sora meets a man named Benkei Kuruma, who tells him about a Keyblade Master named Goken. Sora, Aqua, and Lea track down Goken in his ruined lab, and despite the elderly master's initial reluctance, they acquire the Valor and Wisdom Machines, and therefore the Gummi Kaiser. With Hayato Jin acting as their combat advisor, Sora, Lea, and Aqua take off to go save the worlds currently being attacked by the Getterborn.

Kingdom Farts

After slaying a rare mushroom heartless, the heartless farts on Sora's groin[1], triggering a flash of light that transports him to the world of South Park. While there, Sora meets up with Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan, and they discover the threat of the Fartless, which have shown up in the South Park universe's versions of Agrabah, the Pride Lands, and Beast's Castle. After exterminating the Fartless in those worlds and sealing the Keyholes, the party returns to South Park to find it under the occupation of Mockey Mouse's Four Horsemen, but they also find Riku and Butters fighting against Mockey's forces and team up to put a stop to Mockey's evil plan.

New Outfits

The Third Ragnarok

Getterborn Rising

  • Getter Pilot: the pilot outfit worn by Ryoma Nagare in the classic Getter Robo anime.
  • Shin Dragon's Herald: the pilot outfit worn by Go in Getter Robo Armageddon.

Kingdom Farts

  • Second Form, SP style: a South Park-style rendition of his default appearance in KH1 or KH2. The design by by Grimley315[2] is an example placeholder for the final choice in design.
  • Nendoroid KH1: based on the Nendoroid figure of his KH1 appearance[3].

New Keyblades

The Third Ragnarok

  • Golden Trailblazer (Obtained in El Dorado); increases the amount of munny earned
  • Poultry in Motion (Obtained in Poultry Prison); increased agility, jumping height, and wind based damage
  • Swashout (Obtained in Mythic Ocean); easier combos
  • Royal Flush (Obtained in Ratropolis); increased water based damage
  • Alienator (Obtained in Monster/Alien Battlegrounds); increased lightning based damage
  • Dragon Tamer (Obtained in Berk); increased fire based damage
  • Rockmind (Obtained in Metro City); increased defense and earth based damage
  • Crood Awakening (Obtained in Croodlands); increased ice based damage
  • Radical Dreamer (Obtained in Yggdrashreck, along with the ability to summon Crono)
  • Fullmetal Heart (Obtained from Edward Elric); increased defense
  • Spartan Valhalla (Obtained from Kratos); increased EXP gain
  • Maximum Ogreload (Obtained from Shrek in Neo Asgard-III)

Getterborn Rising

  • Getterblade (Obtained from the second visit to Master Goken)
    • 123- balanced stats, enables Getter Beam
    • 231- higher speed and magic, enables Getter Drill
    • 312- higher strength and defense, enables Getter Smash
  • Incredible Powerhouse (Obtained after finishing Metroville)
  • Upwind Promise (Obtained after finishing Paradise Falls)
  • Remember Me (Obtained after finishing Land of the Dead)
  • Arrow of Fate (Obtained after finishing Dunbroch)
  • Footprints of Courage (Obtained after finishing Dino Earth)
  • Nature's Nostalgia (Obtained after finishing A113 System)
  • Seed of Rebellion (Obtained through item synthesis with Flik)
  • To Infinity and Beyond (Obtained from The Toy Box)

Kingdom Farts

  • The Stick of Truth- the eponymous artifact from South Park: The Stick of Truth in keyblade form, the Kingdom Farts equivalent of the Ultima Weapon. Must be created at a synthesis shop after finishing the main story.
  • Gamma Smasher- derives power from the Hulk. Must be created at a synthesis shop.
  • Stars and Stripes- derives power from Captain America. Must be created at a synthesis shop.
  • Hooked on a Feeling- derives power from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Must be created at a synthesis shop.
  • Rumbling Rose Remake-
  • Wishing Lamp Remake-
  • Circle of Life Remake-
  • Star Wars-themed Keyblade 1- name and effects to be determined... Must be created at a synthesis shop.
  • Star Wars-themed Keyblade 2- name and effects to be determined... Must be created at a synthesis shop.

Musical Themes

  • STORM (by JAM Project, feat. Ichiro Mizuki and Hironobu Kageyama)- featured as a battle theme in Getterborn Rising, due to storms being associated with the meaning of his name. It was the opening theme of Shin Getter Robo VS Neo Getter Robo.
  • TORNADO (by JAM Project, feat. Ichiro Mizuki)- featured as an event theme in Getterborn Rising, due to tornadoes being associated with the meaning of his name. It was the ending theme of Mazinkaiser.
  • Light of Will Power (by Hironobu Kageyama)- featured as a battle theme in The Third Ragnarok.
  • Kingdom HEATS- a combination of HEATS(from Getter Robo Armageddon), Sora's theme(KH3 version), and STORM.

New Limit Breaks


  • Photon Blade
  • Thundaga Break (Double Thundaja Break can be executed alongside with Lightning)
  • Firaga Blaster
  • Blizzaga Missiles

The Third Ragnarok

  • Maximum Spider (D-Link with Spider Man)
  • Wakanda Juuken/Beast Fist (D-Link with Black Panther)
  • Galactic Swede (D-Link with Yondu)
  • Rock and Roll Out (D-Link with Korg)


  • "Friendship makes everyone stronger! It allows us to change anything for the better!"
  • "What you consider a fatal weakness is actually my true strength!"
  • "I will never, ever, betray or sacrifice my friends! Not even for the 'greater good'!!"
  • "You're a princess?" - to Sarah
  • "Mushu, is that you!?" - to Donkey
  • "Wait, are you calling me 'boy', or him 'boy?" - to Kratos
  • "What these Leakers did, breaking so many people's hearts just by spreading these vicious lies like that is no different than kidnapping an innocent child and leading his loved ones to believe he's died!"
  • "YES!!!" - reacting to Lightning's "superhero landing"
  • "She's a friend from work!" - about Lightning
  • "Change, Getterblade 123/231/312!" - switching Getterblade configurations.
  • "Change, Gummi Kaiser!" forming Gummi Kaiser in default mode.


  • Because of Sora being stuck somewhere in the Realm of Unreality after the end of Kingdom Hearts III[4], development of The Third Ragnarok is put on indefinite hiatus at least until he is saved, hopefully around 2022.
  • His new Thundaga Break ability is taken (and enhanced, as the name suggests) directly from Great Mazinger's Thunder Break attack.
  • Sora's interactions with Shrek are a bit reminiscent of Thor and the Hulk respectively in Thor: Ragnarok, or, to an extent, Artie and Shrek in Shrek the Third.
  1. Breaking what is called the "Gentleman's Oath", as explained here.
  4. "After disappearing in the ending, Sora arrives in the world shown in the secret movie." ~ Tetsuya Nomura, KH3 Ultimania interview