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Original Name Xion; Roxas
Alias The Key of Destiny
Type Complete Being
Role Protagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Twilight Town
Family Xion; Roxas; Sora
Weapon Kingdom Key
Oathkeeper and Oblivion
Attribute Light
Status Alive
"I'm not the Sora you know. I'm a fake. A parasite that exists because the REAL Sora wouldn't do what he wanted."
—Sora, when confronted by Kairi

Sora is the main character of Kingdom Hearts II: Broken Destiny. This incarnation of Sora is actually created when Xion absorbs Roxas and becomes a perfect replica.


This incarnation of Sora has the same physical appearance the real Sora does in Kingdom Hearts 2, with the sole exception that he wears a black coat like all other members of Organization XIII.


This incarnation of Sora also has an identical persoanlity to the real Sora's, however due to his amnesia is easily manipulated.


Unlike the real Sora, this Sora lacks Drive transformations because he was never given the Magic Clothes by the Fairies. However, like the real Sora he does have the ability to duel wield, however the conditions are different. When he does duel wield, he wields Oathkeeper and Oblivion.


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