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"We'll try to find our way back to Mobius, but until then, just try to enjoy yourself here."
—Sonic to Tails about getting home in Chapter 26
Sonic The Hedgehog
Origin Mobius
Original Name None
Alias Fastest thing alive, blue blur, that hedgehog
Type Hedgehog (with heart)
Role Protagonist
Age 15
Home World Mobius/Earth (depends on continuity)
Family None mentioned (in this story)
Weapon None
Attribute Speed
Status Alive

Sonic The Hedgehog is a renowned hero on Mobius, known for his exploits in defeating Dr. Eggman several times on several occasions. He is the hero of the eponymous Sonic the Hedgehog video game titles, made by SEGA and its affilated companies (such as BioWare for the development of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.)


"I just wanted to get out of school for a bit. I hate being cooped up for so long. Besides, I found it fun to explore this world!"
—Sonic during Chapter 20 after he left to find Amy

Sonic is a good-hearted hero and a nice guy, and although he lacks a short temper, when provoked he can be deadly. He has an overwhelming sense of justice, which is shown when he defies the odds to save his friends and even sometimes his enemies.

In SRC, Sonic retains these base qualities, and not much of his personality has drastically changed. However, it can be seen that he is more lax than usual, and that he tends to not like hanging around Amy as much as he normally does, although this is rectified by somewhere around Chapter 20.

Sonic's Role

Full role coming soon


Coming soon...


  • Sonic's signature speed still exists, but it looked reduced today.
  • Sonic (from Chapters 1 to 20) used to run away from Amy all the time.
  • Sonic's second design is based off a dollmaker on deviantART created specifically for Sonic OC's.

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