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Solenna The Redeemer
Solenna 1
Type Watcher
Role Redeemer
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral
Home World Archaic Sanctuary
Weapon Celestial Spear
Attribute Void
Status Alive


Solenna is Known as The Redeemer she was a Fierce warrior in Deep sleep from before the Keyblade wars she is reawakened by Saphron and company's emergence in the world non dream world. After Ashel's Death she is able to reveal that over the course of the adventure she had developed strong feelings for Saphron and that he doesn't have to always protect her and Scion but that if he needs to be protected she would do whatever must be done to protect him as well.(love scene here). After the scene The light reappears in Saphron and he obtains the Power of true redemption in his new Drive Mode "Crisis Form". Solenna is The last Watcher in the Archaic Sanctuary to awaken she is over 80 years old but her body is only 20 she stopped aging due to her stasis. Watchers have been alive since the worlds first were made and are named so because they are meant to keep the balance. Solenna was told by her grandfather that she would awaken in a time of strife and a boy with a cursed hand will be the one she needs to follow. She is very well spoken rarely hesitant on her feelings and never takes on more than she can handle without a fall-back in mind. Solenna in formation take the place of Goofy as she is a guardian type.


Glare- Solenna pulls up her eye Cover and uses her runic eye to summon up a field of emptiness to swallow up common foes with low HP.

Buster Pierce- Solenna Thrusts her Spear forward and knocks enemies into the air to daze them and do damage from the impact.

Impaling Wave- Solenna Jumps into the air and thrusts her Spear into the ground causing Spires from the ground to impale a group of enemies.

Impulse- Solenna Gathers energy then makes shadows of herself and dashes around in a pentagram form finishing with a wall of fire from her body.

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