Slot Reels is an Ability exclusive to Gamechanger Form in Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. It is a defensive Action Ability.

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description
Slot Reels
5 AP
0 MP
Allows you to trigger a set of slots with the Reaction Command "Slot Reels" after a successful parry or block.


Every time one parries or successfully Guards whilst in Gamechanger Form, it will trigger a Reaction Command (unless one was already triggered) for Slot Reels, allowing one to play a slots game. The rules are simple: three in a row wins it. Not winning a game doesn't penalize the player. There are five colours that can be lined up for different results.

  • Red - Instant KO (Doesn't work on Bosses)
  • Blue - Drops many MP prizes, but does no HP damage
  • Green - Drops many HP prize; total is subtracted from enemy's HP, but always leaves 1 HP
  • Yellow - Drops lots of Munny; does no HP damage
  • White - Recharges Drive Gauge; does no HP damage
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