Siren Song
(カキョク ノ ケイセイ Kakyoku no Keisei)
Siren Song
"A seaside Keyblade with a musical touch of fancy. It increases the power of Blizzard Magic."
Strength Magic
4 2
Blizzard Boost
Complete Atlantica (KH:SoE).

Siren Song is a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. It is obtained by playing through the storyline of Anthony DiNotte, Lily Marina, and/or Alexis LaReine.


The shaft of the Kayblade is a line of music, as would be seen when reading sheet music, with a few notes drawn in. The teeth are assorted shells, varying in size and design. The crossguard of Siren Song is two fish, while the hilt is a geyser of water. They Keychain is a treble cleff.

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