Sir hiss
Origin Robin Hood (1973)
Type Somebody
Role Support Villain
Home World Nottingham
Weapon Hypnotic eyes
Status Arrested
Sir Hiss is the idiot henchman of Prince John.


Before the game;s events, Sir Hiss brought Prince John to tyranical power over Nottingham. On their way back with tax money, the gold is taken by Sora, Robin Hood and Prince John. A warrant for Robin is issued. At the archery tournament, Sir Hiss was enamored with Little John while the bear was disguised as a noble. After Friar Tuck and Alan-a-Dale entrap him in ale, a riot soon breaks out and Hiss escapes to warn his boss. After the escape is reported, hiss is tied to a pole by Prince John for his incompetence. Once they hear that the tyrant was mocked, Prince John sends everyone who refused to pay him to jail. Hiss tries to protect a convoy from Maid Marian and Kairi, but fails comically. At the castle, the prisoners are freed and the Sheriff is killed. Prince John is angered by this and attacks his idiot assistant for repeated fails, before they are arrested.

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