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Kana ?
Romaji ?
Origin Kingdom Hearts: In The Heart Of The Celestial Realm
Type Human
Role Villain/Enemy/Antagonist
Age Middle-Age
Gender Male
Alignment Bad and evil
Home World Kingdom Of The Celestial Realm
Other residences Shadow Realm
Family Afflicta (Stepdaughter), Inanima (Stepdaughter)
Weapon Keyblade - Clavem Non Cor Et Anima (Key Without Heart And Soul)
Attribute Darkness
Status ?...
English Voice John DiMaggio
Japanese Voice Norio Wakamoto

Sinecor is the male lead main antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: In The Heart Of The Celestial Realm, he is also a strongman executive and military Keyblade Master who is a dictator in the Winged Kingdom Of The Celestial Realm world. Once he is defeated, Empess Xehanort herself takes over his place as she grabs power.

His name is derived from Latin, "No Heart".


Sinecor seems to be well-built and muscular like Lexaeus. His hair is almost bald (like an eggshell) and hair is blond and short. He has long mustache.


Sinecor seems to be ruthless like Xehanort. He may be a Keyblade Master who turned into a dictator whom his fearmongering tactics would scare off Kingdom Citzens or his critics of Kingdom Hearts and the Celestial Realm and rules it with steel thorny fist. He is the big nemesis of either Sanguia, Umbrina or Fulmen. His ally is Xehanort. His harsh critic is Sanguia who is a keyblade wielder and inquisitor. His only soulmate is "Evil Priestess". His other archmeses are Formynder and Aqua and Fulmen as well so he can crush them with iron grip and mailed fist to support Warriors And Seekers Of Chaotic Darkness.

Powers & Abilities

He has keyblade abilies, have far exceeded Aqua's and Fulmen's.

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