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—Silver's recurring gag that was first introduced in Chapter 10

Silver The Hedgehog is a fighter debuting in Sonic 06 who comes from a ruined world with Blaze to destroy the Iblis Trigger. Ever since the famous Sonic 06 retcon, however, he is merely seen as a silver hedgehog with psychokinetic abilities and a rather fluctuating backstory depending on which game he comes from.


Silver, like the first six Sonic characters, had a second costume change in Sonic's Reality Check. Unlike the others, however, Silver's costume change came a while after he was introduced, making him one of the last main characters to receive a general costume change (assuming the Seedrians are not counting since they only appeared three chapters before.

From Chapter 17 to Chapter 24

  • Same shoes and hairstyle, although his odd hairstyle is toned down significantly
  • White shirt
  • Blue jeans

From the Rest of Chapter 24 Onward

  • Same hair and shoes
  • Very light blue shirt
  • Unzipped white coat overtop shirt
  • White jeans


Silver has a rather unique personality in the games, and this aspect remains the same in SRC, although slightly modified to a more comical extent. In the canon games, Silver is naive and brash, but he has a strong sense of justice, much like the other heroes of the Sonic franchise.

In SRC, Silver retains this personality, although due to his overexaggerated high voice and his "NO WAY" recurring gag, most of the characters who had already been introduced into the series beat on Silver for a while until they got used to him (it was even shown that Nick hated Silver's "NO WAY" gag until he got used to it, which is surprising considering Nick's history of annoying jokes since Chapter 1 of the series).

Silver's Role

Full role coming soon


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  • Silver's second design is based off of a dollmaker on deviantART made specifically for Sonic OC's.
  • Silver is the first canon character to be alluded to appear in SRC and later appear, although he was not the first overall character to be alluded to and then appear later in the series.
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