Kana ジェームズは、闇の賢者
Origin Original Character
Alias James, The Sage of Darkness
Role Antagonist
Age 17
Home World The Land of Darkness
Family Edward
Henry, The Sage of Strength
Kyra, The Sage of Motion
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive

"Well, aren't we a smart one? Ha ha ha! Took you long enough." - Silom, when Kyra reveals that he is working with Maleficent.

Silom, The Sage of Darkness, is a seventeen year old Sage and the eldest sibling of Kyra. Immensely powerful, he and his five siblings all work together to keep their world in balance. He is working with Maleficent for currently undisclosed reasons.

Journal Entries

First Entry

Silom seems to be more of a helper monkey for Maleficent, rather than a member of her band of villains. He travels through the worlds, kidnaps the people with the most light in their heart and brings them back to Maleficent's headquarters. The brother of Kyra, he is just as powerful and will be a challenge, but what is Maleficent's plan, and where does he fit into it?

Second Entry

As a Sage, Silom is incredibly smart and knows not to put himself in danger; he kidnapped a woman from her world and received a terrible facial injury from it and has learned from his mistake. Now, it seems, he is allying himself with Aros, as well as Maleficent. Just what is he up to?

Third Entry

Kyra's elder brother - and the head of her family - Silom is a powerful Sage who worked with Maleficent. It seems, however, that everything was planned and that Silom has betrayed Maleficent, and Aros as well. Now, apparently, he has allied himself with Kyra to save their world, but he wields the Darkness. Can he be trusted?

Fourth Entry

Head of a family of six powerful Sages, Silom is one of the rulers of the Land of Darkness and now he, and his five siblings, all work together in an attempt to return their world to how it was, but Maleficent is pouring more Darkness into their world and it is becoming more and more difficult to sustain their world. The true reason behind why Silom aligned himself with Maleficent and Aros is still unknown.


Silom only meets Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy and King Mickey twice outside of his own world. The reason for this is so that a note of mystery could be inserted into his character.

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