Kana シグマ
Romaji Shiguma
Origin Mega Man X (1993)
Alias Cigma
Type Reploid / Maverick
Role Villain
Home World Earth
Family Dr. Cain (Creator)
Weapon Sigma Blade, Claws, Scythe, Blasters
Attribute Sigma Virus
Status Resurrected
English Voice Gerald Matthews(base form)
Charlie Fontana(X2-4 forms, archive audio)
Walter Roberts(X5-7 forms, archive audio)
Dave Pettitt(final form)
Japanese Voice Mugihito
Sigma was once a respected Reploid general who led the Maverick Hunters before becoming Maverick on his own will after a fateful encounter with Zero, and now wants to eradicate mankind and usher in a new age of Reploid dominance. Despite being destroyed by X and Zero many times before, Sigma always comes back with an upgraded battle body.


During the first boss battle with him, Sigma can shapeshift into any one of his base forms from Mega Man X1-7, utilizing most of the same moves from each battle body. His elemental weaknesses are as follows:

  • X1 form: Thunder
  • X2 form: Thunder
  • X3 form: Ice
  • X4 form, with cloak: Fire
  • X4 form, w/o cloak: Thunder
  • X5 form: Thunder
  • X6 form: Fire
  • X7 form: Wind
Sigma from megaman x by bloothunderbird
His newest giant form, utitlized in the second battle, combines physical traits and weaponry from his previous giant forms.
  • Wolf Sigma (X1 and Xtreme1)- Hands can morph into Wolf head
  • Wire Frame Sigma Head (X2)- Attacks
  • Leon Sigma (Xtreme2)- Hands can morph into Lion head-like torso
  • Kaiser Sigma (X3)- Cannons and face-like chest armor
  • Alien Buster Sigma (X4)- Rifle
  • Gamma Sigma W (X5)- Detachable hands
  • Terminator Sigma (X6)- Fires energy waves from his mouth
  • Colossus Sigma (X7)- Ogre horns and waist laser
  • Belial Sigma (X8)- Black horns and Sigma Blade


  • "I see why Zero has so much faith in you, Keyblade Wielder. It looks like you really do have the potential I had seen in you. Our potential is limitless!" - to Sora
  • "Tremble with terror! You are finished!"
  • "Prepare to become space dust!"
  • "This is for you!" - attacking
  • "I will make you understand the true potential of Reploids!"

Musical Themes

"Fate: Theme of the 'Professor'(X7)" plays when Sora and Zero encounter Sigma.

"Sigma 2nd ~ X6 Version" plays during the first battle with Sigma.

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