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Origin Black Panther #2 (May 2005)
Black Panther (2018)
Alias NekoYasha (nickname by Shin)
Type Human
Role Heroine
Gender Female
Alignment Wakanda Royalty
Shin Avengers
Home World Earth-199999
Other residences Wakanda
Family T'Challa (brother, deceased in MvSS)
Queen Mother Ramonda (mother)
T'Chaka (father, deceased)
Weapon Panther Cestus, sometimes ringblades and spears
Attribute Vibranium
Status Alive
English Voice Letitia Wright
Japanese Voice Kanako Momota

Shuri is the sister of T'Challa, and a member of the Shin Avengers.


After the Battle of Wakanda, Shuri was separated from her mother and forced to use her scientific skills to advance the Stark Administration. When she learned that Spider Man broke free of his confines, Shuri did the same and helped Shin Seigi succeed in his theft of the War Machine Mk. 2. She even created her own Black Panther suit and becomes NekoYasha, fighting with the Shin Avengers as they scoured the Tokuverse for the Super Sentai, and killing Bio Hunter Silva in the Battle of Starktopia 01.

But after Shin destroys Tony Stark, Shuri was forced to witness Iron Majin kill Pepper Potts, but destroys the evil god forever along with Shin, Spidey, Aka Renger, Kiba Ranger, and Gokai Silver piloting Mugen DaiZyuJin. Shuri attends Pepper's funeral and Shin's speech before returning to Wakanda, but still maintains a long-distance friendship with Shin and Peter Parker.


Sassy as she is tech savvy, Shuri liked to pull some practical jokes on her brother. After becoming a Shin Avenger to avenge her brother, Shuri is keenly devoted to helping Shin lead her people and the rest of the universe to freedom, and openly welcomes his efforts to cheer her up in the dark age Iron Majin has wrought, as well as possibly his budding feelings for her.




Shuri was heartbroken that her brother was not only murdered, but also declared a war criminal for protecting Steve Rogers and rightfully speaking out against Iron Majin's evil ways. Shin assures her that despite never getting to meet Wakanda's king in person, he believes T'Challa would be proud of his sister and her contributions to the Shin Avengers's cause.


The Queen Mother Ramonda was massively relieved her daughter is still alive, at least, and Shuri and Shin assure the former's mother she will be safe, while Ramonda vows to stand with the Avengers Sentai Army until Earth is free and Iron Majin has paid for the death of her son. When the war is over, Ramonda told Shuri she was immensely proud of her accomplishments.


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Also being a good friend of T'Challa, and by extension, Shuri, Nakia shares Shuri's disgust at Tony Stark, and desire to free Wakanda from his evil. After the war, Nakia expressed her profound relief that T'Challa can finally rest in peace thanks to Shuri's work with the Shin Avengers.

Shin Seigi

Shin and Shuri first started to bond as they discussed the impact of her brother's untimely death while redesigning the War Machine Mk. 2. She noted how they similarly have their reasons to be disappointed in their own fathers, but still care for them as human beings, sees Shin as inspiration to become stronger and fight for the sake of her people.

Spider Man

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Pepper Potts

Pepper harbors a bit of jealousy for Shuri's superior intellect and tech expertise, despite being a child, and that bordered on a slight rivalry for a time, until they learned to function more effectively by combining their talents. When Pepper abandoned the Shin Avengers after learning of Shin's role in his parents' divorce, Shuri tried to cite parallels between her own processing of T'Chaka's misdeeds and Shin's complicated views of his father Wayne, showing how quick the Wakandan princess was to understand how hard it was for her current leader. Pepper's return to the team caused them to become closer, however, and Shuri succeeded in helping Shin convince Pepper to finally let go of her painful past with Tony, and attended her funeral after the war's end.


Iron Ma(ji)n

For murdering and defaming T'Challa, Shuri considers the disgraced Iron Man an enemy of Wakanda and will not rest until her country is free from his reign of terror.


  • Her nickname by Shin, "NekoYasha" (猫夜叉), is a callback to the popular anime series InuYasha. It means, "cat-demon", in the same way InuYasha is derived from "inu" (犬), meaning "dog" in japanese.
  • Being the tech expert of the Shin Avengers, her position is quite similar to Billy Cranston of the OG Power Rangers, especially the 2017 movie incarnation who is also African(-American).
  • Her interactions with the Super Sentai are mostly with the "Wild Beast"-type teams, and feline-themed Rangers such as Zyuoh Lion, Red Buster, Go-On Silver, Go-On Blue, Geki Red, Hurricane Yellow, Gao Red, Gao White, Ginga Red, Ginga Pink, and finally Battle Kenya.
  • Like all Wakandans, her dialogue in the game Marvel VS Super Sentai is subtitled in the comically exaggerated African dialect.
    • An example of this is that she addresses Misao Mondo of the Zyuohgers as "Zyuoh DeWorld".