Origin Black Panther #2 (May 2005)
Black Panther (2018)
Alias NekoYasha (nickname by Shin)
Type Human
Role Heroine
Gender Female
Alignment Wakanda Royalty
Shin Avengers
Home World Earth-199999
Other residences Wakanda
Family T'Challa (brother, deceased in MvSS)
Queen Mother Ramonda (mother)
T'Chaka (father, deceased)
Weapon Panther Cestus
Attribute Vibranium
Status Alive
English Voice Letitta Wright

Shuri is the sister of T'Challa, and a member of the Shin Avengers.


Sassy as she is tech savvy, Shuri liked to pull some practical jokes on her brother. After becoming a Shin Avenger to avenge her brother, Shuri is keenly devoted to helping Shin lead her people and the rest of the universe to freedom, and openly welcomes his efforts to cheer her up in the dark age Iron Majin has wrought, as well as possibly his budding feelings for her.


  • Shuri is the only Shin Avenger who isn't playable in any form, or doesn't even appear in a Marvel VS Capcom game.
    • Groot is dual-playable with Rocket Raccoon in MvCI.
    • Shin is an OC made for Marvel VS Super Sentai.
  • Her nickname by Shin, "NekoYasha" (猫夜叉), is a callback to the popular anime series InuYasha. It means, "cat-demon", in the same way InuYasha is derived from "inu" (犬), meaning "dog" in japanese.
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