Shinsuko von Davis
Kana シンスコ•ビン•デイビス (Shinsuko bon Deibisu)
Origin pop'n music
Alias Ice (アイス Aisu)

Demon Ice (antagonist), Ice Soul (original)

Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 12
Home World Earth-Japan
Weapon Frozen Reinforce (Claws)
Attribute Ice
Status Alive

Shinsuko, also known as Ice as told in the Pop'n Music series, is one of the main characters of Fever Pop. His alter ego is Ice Soul (アイスソール Aisu Sooru?). As being possessed by Giziri's dark abilities, his antagonist ego is known as Demon Ice (ディモンアイス Dimon Aisu?). He receives an aquamarine-colored Ponny, Shard, and wields Frozen Reinforce, a pair of sharp claws.


Even since he makes his first appearance, Shinsuko is portrayed as a timid, but estimate person. Onto Giziri's severe possesions, his opposite self is a suicidal and sinister personality that Shinsuko suffers.


Fever Roku!

Shinsuko's surname is "Kazami" incorrectly, instead of "bon Davis".

Fever Pop


Shinsuko takes a form of a boy with brown eyes, peachy skin tone, and short, blonde hair. He appears wearing a baby blue jacket with two blue buttons on the middle and highlights on the lower part of his jacket. His pants are white, but there is a very dark hue of indigo on his left pant to the middle, especially part of his shoe. He wears shoes that have an identical color as the sections.

Demon Ice

Ice Soul



Fever Roku!

Fever Pop

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