Shinsengumi group.jpg
Name Yorozuya
Members Kondou Isao
Toushiro Hijikata
Okita Sougo
Yamazaki Sagaru
Countless others
Role Antagonists
Story Kingdom Hearts: Awakening

The Shinsengumi is an organization from Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. It is a police-like regime that enforces law and keeps peace in Edo.


Fleeing Destiny

After being banished from the Land of Departure, Lexaln Siurt and his comrades Dante Saxon, Occidere Way, and Ceodore Harvey travel to Edo for refuge. After being attacked by the Shinsengumi for causing a commotion, they are saved by Gintoki Sakata and brought to the Yorozuya headquarters.

Here they meet fellow Yorozuya-ers Shinpachi Shimura, Kagura, and Sadaharu, and decide to rest and recover with the group for a while. Not long after they are back in action, the Shinsengumi find them again, and the groups are engaged in battle once again. Partway into the battle, a swarm of Heartless attack the giant Terminal, and begin to overrun the city. The two former enemies join together to vanquish the threat, and the Heartless and defeated after a long and hard battle. Blamed for the infrastructure damage and realizing the Heartless are following him, Lexaln and his allies flee Edo and move to Hyrule.


  • Okita Sougo, 1st Division Captain
  • Yamazaki Sagaru, Spy
  • Countless Others
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