Shin Seigi
Shin Seigi SH Figuarts 1.jpg
Origin Marvel VS Super Sentai
Alias New/Shin Captain America
The King of Mary Sues (derogatory nickname by Tony Stark)
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist
Age 24
Gender male
Alignment Avengers Sentai Army (leader(-to-be))
Home World Earth-199999(S)
Family Wayne Shin (father)
Ayaka Seigi (mother)
Status Alive
English Voice Dacre Montgomery
Japanese Voice Ryotaro Okiayu

Shin Seigi, aka New/Shin Captain America, is the main protagonist of Marvel VS Toei: Superhero Infinity Wars, and it's tie-in game, Marvel VS Super Sentai[1][2].


Early Life

Shin was born to Wayne and Ayaka at the end of the second millennium, living a decent childhood, following up on the exploits of the Power Rangers and constantly learning from them the importance of friendship, teamwork, and inclusiveness. When Tony Stark began his tenure as Iron Man[3] and revealed his secret identity to the public, Shin felt somewhat disappointed that more people were starting to think Iron Man is "cooler" and more popular than his childhood heroes, and that some would even ostracize him for his loyalty to the Power Rangers fandom, yet he tried his hardest to stay positive. He didn't quite have the words to put it at the time, but he knew in his heart there was something iffy about Tony Stark, especially given the armored Avenger's shameful secrets and massively flawed perceptions of heroism, which he strongly encouraged his father to be extra cautious about.

In the wake of the Sokovia Accords' conception[4], not only were Shin's worst fears about Iron Man being realized, but his relationship with his father Wayne took a drastic turn for the worse.

World of the Powerless

Five years after Iron Majin asserted himself as ruler of the world, circa 2023, Shin is finally fed up with his father's idolatry of the Great Betrayer, convinces Ayaka to leave Wayne, and steals the Iron Patriot suit to free those imprisoned by the Stark Administration and fight the Tyrant of Steel himself. Though Shin loses, he is saved by the spirit of Aka Red, who upgrades his suit after being impressed by Shin's courage and selflessness in the face of impossible odds. Shin is then told to seek out the Super Sentai in the Toei Tokuverse, and goes there with a party including Spider Man, Shuri, Groot, Pepper Potts, and later Black Widow.


Shin's appearance is modeled directly after Jason in the 2017 Power Rangers movie.


Shin is the spitting image of Jason Lee Scott, the original leader of his childhood heroes. His striving for the same ideals shows how seriously Shin takes the resemblance.

His armored form takes elements from Captain America's suit, and the Iron Patriot suit he initially used up to it's destruction by Iron Majin.


Shin is a reliable, noble, sensitive, thoughtful, compassionate person with a strong sense of justice and an "indestructible heart of gold", largely because he's learned from the mistakes of many other heroes before him. He despises government officials and authority figures like Thaddeus Ross for their hypocrisies and greedy desire to control the Avengers, and since he refuses to believe in collective guilt, he does not blame any of the other Avengers for the destruction caused in the wake of their battles, especially not the late Steve Rogers, whom Shin genuinely believes was actually trying to mitigate the damage Tony Stark and the UN caused in the first place, out of their mutual lust for control. Though he isn't afraid to rebuke or speak out against Iron Majin's lackeys and supporters when they threaten his friends and loved ones or otherwise step out of line, he still cares for them, including his father Wayne, whom he hopes will eventually see the error of his support for the hero turned villainous tyrant.

Shin is also very wise, responsible, even-tempered, and mature for his age(firmly disagreeing with Tony Stark's way of getting results, in particular), and actually listens to his allies and teammates when trying to develop the best possible solution to a dilemma, preferring to lead by example and earn the respect of others rather than command it like Tony did. He also usually tries to reason with his opponents first, except for the Dark Iron Legionites which are incapable of independent speech or thought, and prefers not to escalate a battle unless absolutely necessary. Further owing to the meaning of his name, Shin firmly believes that the idea of no good deed going unpunished is built fundamentally on the folly of those who wish to punish idealism and diversity of opinion from one (confirmed or speculated) reason to another.

Powers and Abilities



  • Above Average Intellect- Throughout his life, Shin has "learned a lot from a lot". He was also imparted the vast knowledge of the Super Sentai in the moment Aka Red gave him his New Captain America suit.
  • Strong Willed- As if his stamina and the endurance of either the Iron Patriot or New Captain America suits aren't quite enough to help him survive even some of Iron Majin's strongest attacks, Shin is driven by his will to ensure that right prevails.
  • Bilingualism- Shin speaks fluent English/Japanese and basic Japanese/English, depending on the voice language track chosen for the game or anime. 


New Captain America suit

This new nanotech suit Shin received from Aka Red's spirit combines aspects of the Iron Patriot suit and Steve Rogers' original Captain America suit, boasting greater strength, speed, durability, and the ability to harness the Super Sentai's Greater Powers. The suit morphs into a wristwatch for easy transportation, and Shin can instantly put it on at any time through the activation call "It's Morphin' Time!", or un-suit by saying "power down".

Legendary Weaponry

As Shin meets more heroes from the Toei Tokuverse, he is able to replicate their Robos' weaponry through his suit's nanotechnology, much like the Gokaigers' Gokai Changes. Because of his choice to recruit the Super Sentai in reverse order, Shin has to wait 5-7 days for his suit to finish copying the data for that Sentai's mechas' weaponry(i.e., he can't use the weapons of the Zyuohgers' mecha until he gets to the Ninningers, or those of the Ninningers' mecha until he gets to the ToQgers, and so on.)

  • Denko Ken / Battle Fever Robo
  • Denji Ken / DaiDenzin
  • Taiyo Ken / Sun Vulcan Robo
  • Chikyu Ken/ Goggle Robo
  • Kagaku Ken / Dyna Robo
  • Super Maser Sword / Bio Robo
  • Dengeki Ken / Change Robo
  • Cosmic Sword / Flash King
  • Kodenshi Riser / Great Five
  • Choujuu Ken & Choujuu Cannons / Live Robo
  • Kousoku Ken & Turbo Guns / Turbo Robo
  • Chou Jigen Sword / Five Robo
  • Birdonic Sabre, Jet Lancer, and Icarus Smasher / Jet Icarus
  • Godhorn / DaiZyuJin
  • Dragon Antler / Dragon Caesar, Gouryujin, and Zyutei DaiZyuJin
  • DaiOh Ken / DaiRenOh
  • Golden Tiger Sword / Won Tiger
  • Kaen Shogun Ken / Muteki Shogun
  • Kakure Power Gloves / Kakure DaiShogun
  • Super Crown Sword / Ohranger Robo
  • Gattling Brace / Red Puncher
  • RV-Sword / RV Robo
  • Wappagun / Sirender
  • VRV Guns / VRV Robo
  • V-Bazooka & V-Vulcan / Victorailer
  • Booster Rifle / Galaxy Mega
  • Voyager Spartan / Mega Voyager
  • Wing Blaster / Mega Winger
  • Galcon Bowgun / GingaiOh
  • Twill Bull Sabres / Bull Taurus
  • Gigantis Buster / Giga Rhino
  • Giganic Boomerang / Giga Phoenix
  • Braver Sword / Victory Robo
  • Blaster Shield / Liner Boy
  • Jet Lance / Victory Mars
  • Jiku Ken & Flyer Magnum / Time Robo
  • (Double) Shadow Sabre / Time Shadow
  • Revolving Missiles / V-Rex Robo
  • (Ligator) Fin Blade / Gao King & Gao Hunter
  • Leon Ripcord / SenpuuJin
  • Double Horn Cutter / GouraiJin
  • Tenkuu PinWheel / TenkuuJin
  • Abare Drill / AbaRenOh
  • Galer Spear / KillerOh
  • Signal Cannon & Judgement Sword / Dekaranger Robo
  • Patro Magnums / DekaWing Robo
  • King Calibur / Magi King
  • WolJavelin / WolKaiser
  • Horn Lancer / Saint Kaiser
  • Screw Calibur / Magi Legend
  • Gougou Ken / DaiBouken
  • Siren Dousers / Siren Builder
  • Geki Setsukon / Geki Touja
  • Ro-Ro Boomerang / Geki Wolf
  • SaiDaiKen / SaiDaiOh
  • Go-On Sword, Bircutter, Gunpherd Gun / Engine Oh
  • Dai Shinken / Shinken Oh
  • Mogyu Cannon / Mogyu DaiOh
  • Gosei Dragon Sword / Gosei Great
  • Gokai Ken / Gokai Oh
  • Boost Buster Sword / Go-Buster Oh
  • Stag Launcher / Buster Heracles
  • Lioncer & Tategami Shield / Tategami Li-Oh
  • Dricera Drill, Zakutor Sword, Parasa Beam Gun, Stegotchi Shield / Kyoryuzin
  • Plezu Cannon / PlezuOh
  • Bragio Ax / BragiOh
  • Fumikiri Ken / ToQ Oh
  • Build Shovel Claw / Build DaiOh
  • NinNin Drago Sword / ShurikenJin
  • Bison Rifle / Bison King
  • Big King Sword / ZyuOh King
  • Big Wild Cannon / Cube Gorilla
  • KaiOh Spear / Doudekai Oh



Wayne Shin

Shin was always bitterly disappointed with his father's blind, obsessive hero worship of Tony Stark, especially given the Stark family's track record for making enemies on their road to "progress". Their relationship took a turn for the worse when Wayne signed in favor of the Sokovia Accords, but although Shin lost all faith in Iron Man, and in Wayne as a father, he still cares for the latter as a human being.

Ayaka Seigi

Having more in common with her than his father, Shin actively took Ayaka's side when she opposed her husband's misguided support for government control over the Avengers, and agrees with her that Tony Stark is no longer the Iron Man he was, and should be. He trusts Thor and Bruce Banner enough to leave his mother under their protection.


Steve Rogers

Shin is way more forgiving of the questionable decisions the old Captain America was forced to make, understanding that he was a victim of circumstances out of his control, unlike Tony who shamelessly threw his morals out the window and his friends under the bus to please the government. After witnessing the hero's televised execution, Shin was understandably heartbroken and his bitterness at Tony Stark reached a new high.


Shin has come to respect T'Challa as a true king after watching his speech with the intent of opening Wakanda's borders[5] on TV, or at least hearing about it by word of mouth. Helping Shuri deal with her grief over her brother's execution provides Shin the incentive to learn more about Wakanda, help bridge it's gaps with the rest of the world, and perhaps even assist in their scientific advancements for the good of mankind.

Peter Parker

Having learned a great deal from Tony's mistakes with Peter[6], Shin is more honest, lenient, open, caring, and supportive of the wall-crawler, and proves to be a much better role model and an older brother figure to him, as shown by actually fighting alongside him instead of using the morally grey measures Tony had taken to make Peter a "better hero". Peter also enjoys listening to Shin's "history lessons" about the Super Sentai, based on the knowledge imparted to Shin by Aka Red. Shin also quite easily understands at least most of Spidey's pop-cultural jokes, having a similar, good-natured sense of humor himself, and welcomes the levities with open arms in stark contrast to Tony hypocritically rebuking Spidey for it[7]. Peter consented to Shin's recommendation for the team to use comm-links, bearing in mind that Tony put a tracking device on his suit for less than universally acceptable reasons without first asking for his former apprentice's approval.


Shin not only considers her tech savvy a valuable asset to his team, but also shows early signs of developing feelings for her, be they platonic or romantic. Though she has yet to have any similar feelings for Shin, Shuri nonetheless forges a strong camaraderie with him to fill the void left by T'Challa's death by Iron Majin's hand.


Shin acts as Groot's second father figure as Rocket stays with the remaining Avengers to fight Iron Majin and Lord Drakkon, and shares his appreciation of life.

Pepper Potts

Despite her faith that Tony would ultimately turn himself around, Shin feels torn between forcing Pepper to accept the fact that the man she knew for so long has finally been consumed by his own ego and hubris, and letting her come to terms with it on her own time.

Natasha Romanoff

Shin shares Black Widow's disgust at her and Tony's actions in Civil War, and Tony's worsening egotism and stubbornness. She regrets her mistakes back then so much, she jumped at the chance to reshape her more realistic mindset and redeem herself by helping Shin recruit the first 40 Super Sentai.

Bruce Banner

Shin does not blame Bruce for his role in creating Ultron[8], and forgives him for letting Tony buy him off with promises of "peace in our time".

Thor Odinson

After being rescued from being used as a living battery for Iron Majin's diabolical needs, Thor is grateful to Shin and assumes leadership of a the Avengers who stay behind while Shin rallies the Super Sentai. After hearing how Strange had capitulated to Tony's selfish desire to destroy Thanos, he agreed to keep the Sorcerer Supreme's activities regulated at Shin's behest.

Dr. Strange

Despite saving him, Shin remains highly critical of Strange and considers him just as dangerous and foolish as Tony Stark, both for his willingness to sacrifice Peter Parker, and for letting Tony talk him into challenging Thanos so recklessly without even trying to officially apologize to Steve Rogers. Shin has strictly instructed Strange that no one is expendable for any good, and put him under Thor's watch.

Yondu Udonta

With the space pirate having been revived as part of a time travel experiment, Shin and Yondu form a bond as a "father"(whose adoptive son is now being persecuted by Iron Majin) and "son"(whose father has been swayed by the hypocrisies Tony Stark exemplifies and panders to).


Having heard of the God of Mischief from Thor, Shin convinces the Gokaigers to release Loki after they bump into his dimension hopping '2012' self from the Battle of New York[9]. By relating to Loki about his own conflicted feelings regarding Wayne, Shin is able to convince the God of Mischief to put his differences aside and help the Avengers defeat their former most prolific founding member.

Super Sentai

Shin wholeheartedly respects this long line of color-coded superhero teams ever since the "original" Power Rangers(actually the Zyurangers in the context of the Tokuverse) first caught his attention, for their legitimate dedication to true justice and their firm belief in the power of friendship and teamwork. After being told of his childhood heroes' true origins by Aka Red, Shin hopes to get every Sentai team, starting in reverse order from the Zyuohgers, to join his and the remaining Avengers' cause of defeating Iron Majin. Shin's reason for recruiting the Super Sentai one team at a time instead of all at once is not only to steadily hone his powers, but to also prove himself to them on a more personal level; and as a result, he becomes very good friends with notably Gai Ikari, who was similarly a dedicated fan before his tenure as Gokai Silver, Geki and Burai, the most prolific of the Zyurangers, and eventually Tsuyoshi Kaijou, the real original Red Ranger.

Kamen Riders

Also respecting them as heroes like the Super Sentai, Shin expresses hopes of getting them into his alliance as well, after clearing up a misunderstanding between him and Kamen Rider Decade. He has apparently heard of them beforehand at his school, through the students(usually) confusing them with the Power Rangers.


Tony Stark

Shin despises Tony Stark for his continued betrayal of his better judgement and the respect of his former comrades, his insufferable egotism and superiority complex, and other flaws, all of which contributed to Iron Man's final fall from grace. He views the armored anti-hero as a hypocrite of the worst kind for selling out the values of friendship and teamwork, as symbolized by his desperation in appeasing his haters who see the Avengers as reckless vigilantes, butting heads with Captain America in Civil War, and defending the "honor" of similarly hypocritical individuals in power who take the Avengers for granted. He would also express a similar disgust at Howard Stark for his own culpability in molding Tony into such a self-righteous snob, believing Tony's father to be undeserving of his legacy, that both of them protected Earth's citizens only to inflict their will upon them.

Iron Majin

With Tony Stark completing his unwitting transformation into the very thing he despises above all else, a living god of destruction who is an even worse monster than Thanos, Shin is strongly convinced that Iron Man is now the shame of the Avengers, a being of pure evil who wants to punish the entire universe for rejecting his supremely selfish take on heroism, that he should be the only superhero in existence. Shin does not want to kill Tony, however, at least not before giving him a fair and unbiased trial for his crimes.

Lord Drakkon

Shin was shocked to see that Drakkon mysteriously revived and is working with another corrupt soul like himself. But despite Drakkon's depravity, Shin still sees enough good in him to repeatedly warn him that Iron Majin is most likely using him for his own agenda.


  • "Ya know, for someone who likes to preach his head off about responsibility, you seem to have no problem worshiping the human embodiment of the complete opposite, like a god!" - scolding his father for his hero worship of Tony Stark.
  • "STAAAAARK!!!!!"
  • "Fifteen years ago, you started a selfish war on everything we know and love! But someday soon, I'm gonna end it!"
  • "The Champion of True Justice! Shin/New Captain America!" Role call announcement and one of his pre-battle quotes
  • "You may have gotten my dad and arguably the rest of the world to buy your bull-crap, but you can't fool me!"
  • "I must destroy all the evil the Starks have created!" - Win quote
  • "Go Go Shin Avengers!"
  • "The Power of Teamwork overcomes all!"
  • "'I am Iron Man' ...The one shameless excuse that says them all at once!" - about Iron Majin's justifications for his evil actions.
  • "The Stark Administration is rotten to the core, and your rule is beyond corupt!"


"Shin Seigi" means "true justice" in japanese, fitting into how Shin acts like a traditional hero, perhaps more so than the first Captain America, and in stark contrast to Iron Man's unhealthy preference to operate in the shades of gray.


  • Shin has the same japanese voice as Terra, as well as Zero in Mega Man X series.
    • His standing pose seems to be a mix of Mega Man X in his first three games, and Zero in the Mega Man Zero series.
    • His parents are named after Zero's english voice(Wayne Doster) in Mega Man X4 and Classic Mega Man's japanese voice(Ayaka Fukuhara) in Mega Man 11.
      • Wayne's given name can also have been derived from Bruce Wayne/Batman of DC Comics fame.
  • He was born on the same day the Sega Dreamcast released; September 9, 1999
    • This is also a reference to his origin on Earth 199999 (in an alternate dimension/timeline).
  • The colored edges on the star around his suit's arc reactor are, counter-clockwise, patterned after the numeric lineup of the GoRengers.
  • Shin is a Final Fantasy fan, and once got a PS2 slim with Final Fantasy 7-10 (including X-2 and Advent Children) for Christmas.
  • He became New Captain America and left for the Tokuverse on what would be the 30th anniversary of Power Rangers.
  • Despite looking more like the 2017 movie version of Jason Lee Scott, his personality learns more on the original TV series version.
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