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Shemhazai the Whisperer
Kana 密告者シュミハザ (Mikkokusha Shumihaza)
Alias Shemhazai the Betrayer

Shemhazai the Whisperer is a character in Kingdom Hearts The Data Book.


Shemhazai saves Ruby and Wolf from Jack in the Reverse World. After saving them, she tells them her story about how she got there. After healing Wolf, Jack and Dog fight Shemhazai while Wolf and Ruby run. After beating both of them, Shemhazai goes after Wolf and Ruby. After finding them, Jack turns her into a card and warps her away. After breaking out of her prison cell, she goes after Jack; but before she can attack him, Dog shoots her and they battle. After beating him, Alex gets there in time to stop Jack from turning her into a card again. Alex and Shemhazai attack Jack, but before then can end the fight, Bone, Death, and Jewel attack them. Wolf and Ruby help Alex and Shemhazai fight them. After winning, they leave the castle and warp to another world. Alex tells Wolf the story about the other world, when suddenly the Wolf from the other world opens a portal and meets the group. Shemhazai attack the Wolf from Alex's world, but he beats her and she falls. Alex then grabs her and warps to the top of the castle, where the rest are warped as well. Jack and Bone warp there to attack Wolf, but Alex stops them. Shemhazai warps in with Jewel and Death, but before she can let go of them, Death stabs her. She then warps back to her home world and is not seen again.

Fighting style

Shemhazai fights with two guns.


Shemhazai has hoof-like feet, a red cape, and a giant armor helm.


Final Fantasy XII

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