Shang Tsung
Kana 香宗
Origin Mortal Kombat
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Age Beyond 500
Home World Outworld
Weapon Sorcery

Mimicry Swords

Attribute Fire
Status Dead
Shang Tsung is one of the antagonists of Kingdom Hearts: Visions of the Future. He serves Shao Kahn as a sorcerer and enforces Kahn's will on other villains.


Shang Tsung is first met during the meeting to decide who will be the new leader of the Council of Villains. Edgar was one of the men who voted for Shang to be the leader, but the sorcerer lost to Shao Kahn by 3 points in the vote. Despite this, he still made other villains follow Kahn's will. Shang Tsung then used his power to pose as Kairi and lead Cao Cao on a quest for power. The Wei ruler didn't realize the more he killed, the more stronger Shang Tsung became. Zhang He stole some blueprints about Shang Tsung's plan to turn the power against Shao Kahn, which will leave the sorcerer on Outworld's throne.


  • (thinking he has high votes for villain council leader)Oh I think I will win this, because of the magic power.
    • Shao Kahn's response:And you breath because i restrain mine.
  • Rain will be going with you for a while Tremaine, he will help you frame Cinderella.
  • Do not let your eye off the princess, if you do...your soul is mine!

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