Origin Mulan (1998)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World The Land of Dragons
Weapon Sword
Status Dead
Shan-Yu was the villain of Mulan whom Mulan herself and Li Shang fought against in ancient China.


After beign given a second chance by Maleficent, Shan-Yu launches a raid on Mulan's house. During this, Mulan's father is wounded by Shan and the villain and hayabusa take out with Huns and heartless warriors. Sora, Mulan and the team fight through villages controlled by Shan-Yu's army and then confront the general at his camp. As Shan-Yu is about to overpower them, Yao, Chien-Po and Ling save the day, well comically at the last second. It was not over yet. At the emperor's palace, Shan-Yu launches a final assault with his remaining huns and then fights Sora and Mulan on the roof. Just as ideas have run out, Kairi and Goofy fire a firecracker launcher at Shan-Yu and he is killed in the resulting explosion.

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