Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow rivals
Kana ヘッジホッグのシャドー (Hejjihoggu no shadō)
Origin Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
Alias The Ultimate Life Form
Shads (referred by Mariya)
Type Experiment
Mobian (Hedgehog)
Role Anti-hero
Age 50 (Immortal)
Home World Hollow Bastion
Family Maria Jr. (adoptive daughter)
Weapon Guns
Status Alive
"Here's some advice: Beware the darkness, stay alive, and give them a chance to be happy."
—Shadow to Mariya

Shadow the Hegdehog is a summon. He is voiced by Kirk Thornton.


Shadow is a loner.

Physical Appearance

Shadow is a black hedgehog with red and black quills. He wears red and white hover shoes that are a bit rusted from an unknown source and white gloves with golden rings and black and red cuffs.


Maria Robotnik

Shadow is close to Maria. When she was murdered by GUN soldiers, Shadow decided to avenge her by destroying the entire human race. He abandoned his plan, later on, knowing destroying the humans would never help him avenge Maria.


"Have you considered using your wings?"
—Shadow meeting Mariya

Shadow first met Mariya in Wreck-it Ralph 2 when she fell from the window into his arms. Their friendship is not revealed until the film's climax when they team up to save Ralph from the MCP's wrath.

Vanellope von Schweetz

At first, Shadow was a bit annoyed by Vanellope, but as he got to know her a little more, he started to have a crush on her.

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts: Remnants of the Past

An experiment brought to life by the good-hearted Dr. Gerald Robotnik. He is close to Mariya and vows to be there for her every step of the way.


I am...all of me

I Am..

I Am... All of Me by Crush 40 (Main Theme of Shadow the Hedgehog)




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