Sure, I sense Shadow Slicer's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Shadow Slicer
(シャッドー Shaddō suraisā)
"A Mechsword that cuts through the darkest shadow"
Strength Magic
5 5
Mechanical Expertise - Increase damage dealt by Abilities

Shadow Slicer is the name of Lind's default Mechsword in Kingdom Hearts: Shattered, and the only one she can wield in story mode.


As with most Mechswords Shadow Slicer is about the size of a greatsword. The blade is double edged and curved, giving it the appearance of an enlarged kunai. Along the blade are two grooves that allow the edges of the blade to open and move away from the main blade, as well as a slot near the tip that allows projectiles to be fired. The hand guard resembles that of a traditional European sword, however blockier, and the handle is just large enough that it can be wielded with two hands if necessary.


The name Shadow Slicer comes from the fact the blade can cut through Darkness.


  • The Shadow Slicer was originally going to be named the Wind Slicer.
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