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Shade, Blizzard, and Dusk
Type Chocobos
Role Protagonists
Age Unknown
Home World Unknown
Family Autumn (Mother)
Weapon Beaks and Talons
Attribute None
Status Alive

Shade, Blizzard, and Dusk are the three Chocobo triplets that appear in Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos. Being baby Chocobos, they cause much mischief and grief for their mother, Autumn, who often asks the player to help find her children that have each hidden themselves in Castle Oblivion. If you do, you'll receive some munny and possibly items.


Shade, Blizzard, and Dusk all look extremely similar to each other, being Chocobo triplets. Their main difference is their feathers. Shade has black feathers, while Blizzard has white and Dusk's feathers are gray. Their names each correspond with their feather colors.

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