Kana セラフィム
Origin The Great Expanse
Type Goddess
Role Unknown
Age Indeterminate
Weapon Unknown
Attribute Unknown
Status Immortal

Seraphim is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. A being of legend, Seraphim is named in many ancient texts and is widely regarded as a deity.



In the beginning, when the universe was devoid of everything, Seraphim was the only entity in existence. How she came into being is unknown; the earliest records of her say only that the only world that was known to exist at that time, The Great Expanse, was her home. At some point, this world began to break up into several smaller landmasses. It is believed that when the worlds started to divide, Seraphim took a piece of the land and created a new world for herself from which she has ruled to this day.


Seraphim takes the form of a beautiful woman with a perfect figure, with light blond hair, blue eyes and ample bust. Her clothing is simple, a green collared bustier adorned with a red bow, grand white lace gloves, and a long, flowing, light pink skirt. She is always surrounded by an unearthly glow.


Seraphim is a benevolent goddess, kind and caring, but as with all dieties, she can become very wrathful very quickly when she is awakened to the presence of evil. Nothing more of her personality is known.

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