Org Cloak.jpg
Kana 熾天使
Type Human
Role Wandering Soul
Home World Radiant Garden
Weapon Dual Blades
Attribute Light/ Dark
Status Alive

Seraph is a fictional non-canon character from Kingdom Hearts Legacy. He was once a citizen of Radiant Garden, but he and his family were exiled due to reasons unknown. He wields the power of Light, but will sometimes be overthrown by the power of darkness, that is hidden deep within his soul. He has the appearance of a young with spiky black hair, and is never seen in any clothing other than his Black Cloak.

Journal Entry

A boy who lived in Radiant Garden. His life was rather peaceful... until one of the members of La Lutte Pour Presque Rien (now, who could it be?) killed his parents, saying that letting them live is more torture than death. Angered, Seraph set out to find the group, particularly the member responsible for his parents' murder.


Seraph was an average child, living in Hollow Bastion with all the others, until one day, his family was exiled. So, they got in their gummi ship (the new sun) and flew of. Soon after, Seraph began to have fits, going crazy, unleashing an untapped power of darkness. One day, a member of the La lutte Pour Presque Rein came, and slaughtered Seraph's parents. He told Seraph, letting you live is more torture than death. Seraph now searches for the group, wanting revenge for his parent’s murder.


Seraph is a dark, brooding man who enjoys his solitude, even going to extreme lengths to achieve it. He may come off as grumpy and ill-mannered to some people, while others will find him charming and intelligent. He takes a serious outlook on life, and claims to fight for justice.

Fighting Style and Abilities

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Seraph fights using Dual Blades, one of which represents light, the other Darkness. He has the ability to control light and darkness. He mainly relies on his two trusty swords and powers of light in battle, although he is a dangerous person to be around when enveloped in the powers of Darkness. Seraph can only use the powers of light when he is not overcome by Darkness, and he cannot use the powers of Darkness when he is in full control of himself.



"Hmph, that all you got?"
"Barrier" (casting reflect)
"By the power of Light, you shall be defeated!" (Using a Light Ability)
"Come, Monster!" (summoning Monster)
"Accept My Unholy Wrath!" (going into dark mode)


"What a waste of time"'
"Don't even bother getting up"



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