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Sephiroth AC
Name Sephiroth
Home World Midgar
Role Antagonist
Weapon Masamune
Magic Darkness
Abilities Octoslash
Limit Breaks Sin Harvest
Class Fallen Seraph
Status Alive

Sephiroth is an antagonist in the Final Emblem Saga, and is a non-playable character. He has a character-specific class unique to himself, Fallen Seraph. Sephiroth is not normally fought until the final chapter (though he is not the final boss), but there is a chance of encountering him in an Arena battle as early as Chapter 1. However, it is not even possible to defeat him at all until either the next-to-final chapter, or the player has had Syaoran, Levin, Aira, Eve or Train level grind to LV40, promote, and then level grind to at LEAST LV50.

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