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Type Human
Role Antagonist, Bodyguard
Age Unknown
Home World Unknown
Family Unknown
Weapon Masamune
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive

Sephiroth appears as a supporting character in Darkness and Light. He serves Ulmia on command from Shedo.


Sephiroth has waist length silver hair, blue cat-like eyes, and pale skin. He wears a large black overcoat that extends to the ground with silver pauldrons on the shoulders, loose black pants, and black gloves. The most notable feature about him is the single large black wing that extends from his left shoulder.


Abilities, Equipment, and Skills[]



  • Masamune - Sephiroth wields a long bladed katana named Masamune in battle
  • Dark Relic (Runia) - At an undefind point in time Sephiroth gains Ruina, which he claims is the charm attatched to the hilt of his sword.
    • Crash - When active anything Runia's bearer comes into contact with (aside from what's on their person at the time of activation) disintegrates. Magic and magically blessed objects seem to be immune.
    • Burst - By charging energy for a brief moment Sephiroth can release a large shockwave that rips through everything in its path.


  • Dark Spheres - Sephiroth can create Spheres of Darkness to fight with in a similar manner to the way he does in Kingdom Hearts II. The biggest difference is that he can use them in many different ways, such as to create a shield instead of just as land mines.

Battle style[]

Sephiroth fights in a similar manner to the way he does when he appears in Kingdom Hearts 2, the biggest difference being he is ambidextrous instead of left handed.



  • Sephiroth was only an incidental character in the original script of Darkness and Light, being one of the hired hands of the Empress (Serving a similar role to the Disney Villains to Maleficent in the original Kingdom Hearts)